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  • Last bite on earth: two dozen freshly shucked assorted oysters and champagne.

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Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition

Can you recommend me a noodle based stuffing? Or if you don't know any, can you hypothesize on what kind of noodle would hold up in stuffing (tried glass noodle, did not cook evenly due to lack of moisture).

Also, do you make/buy special thanskgiving meal for your dogs?

Chichi's Chinese: Drunken Chicken

what can one do with the broth/wine mixture left? shot it?

Squishing S'mOreos Forever

This is hands down the best post on serious eats.

Are You Swayed By Fancy Liquor Bottles?

I don't buy anything because the bottle looks pretty. But if I have liquor that has a very nice bottle, I will refrain from finishing the bottle in order to keep it in the cabinet.

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Cheese at About Cheese in Toronto

Omg this place does have absolutely amazing grilled cheeses. One thing is, I've found the bread varies at times, and thus so does the sandwich.

A Sandwich a Day: BBQ Pork Banh Mi from Cali Baguette Express in San Diego, CA

@CanadianFoodieGirl and @ErinJackson: the pork belly banh mi from Banh Mi Boys in Tdot is amazing. And their kimchi fries, it's like the fries supreme from taco bell but made infinitely better with kimchi, kewpie mayo and spicy pulled meat of some kind.

Houston: Hubcap Grill Can't Quite Match the Hype

That twitter rant was such a bad example of chef against critical customer. If you can't accept feedback, then there's pretty much no place for you in any occupation. I've never been to Hubcap and I'll probably never go now if that's the kind of person who's operating it.

What are you cooking?

I usually roast a lot of vegetables (eggplant, root vegetables and potatoes) for the work week ahead. I will probably make some stock with unidentifiable bits of bone/carcass in the freezer.

10 of the Funniest, Strangest, Grossest Ramens

@thesteveroller They served you instant noodles in a restaurant??? Like as the main component? I mean it's fine if they add a bit of instant noodles for a crunch factor, but I can't imagine a restaurant serving instant noodles.

10 of the Funniest, Strangest, Grossest Ramens

Wow, I'm really sorry to see #10 was the worst ramen you've tasted. I grew up in the city of Baijai and I've had countless bowls of the real stuff they serve on the side of the street, as well as the packaged #10 stuff. Flavour wise, I think those noodles are amazing, and the instant version do a good job of reproducing that. But I think the main problem is that sweet potato noodles are... slimy. And that's how they just taste, but I think a lot of people who are unfamiliar with a slimy noodle would be really put off by the taste.

Top This: Arugula and Prosciutto (à la Pizzanista)

@tcal4404 Considering that they're suggesting you to get the pie from a local pizzeria, I would say that is still a while away from Sandra Lee. My local pizzeria produces a much more consistently good pizza pie than I would be able to.

Where to buy Airag or Mongol Arkhi (Mare's Milk Liquor) in NYC?

If it's not commercially produced, that makes it a lot harder to find. However, with the melting pot of NYC, I am sure there are Mongolians who have it around. In my experience (not at buy Airag but attempt to buy other rare Chinese sorghum liquor), this is the best way to get ahold of rare liquor from another culture:

1. Find a Mongolian friend. Preferably a local.
2. Scout out areas where locals hang out and eat.
3. Get them to discretely ask about this liquor with the manager. This step usually works better if you are not present (they'll think you're police/health inspectors).
4. Slip them an extra twenty and offer to buy it off them.
5. Swear to secrecy to never let anyone know how they got ahold of it.

This worked really well in Chinatown in Canada, due to the strict liquor laws here. A lot of work, but I'm sure airag will be worth it.

Epic Maple Syrup

Definitely in cocktails, you don't need to use a lot and it'll really amp up flavour. I've found maple syrup is amazing when in conjunction with dark rum or various bitters. You really don't need a lot, like half a spoonful, and it really amps up the taste.

PS. Reduce the simple syrup if you're going to use maple syrup.

Congratulations to Our Own 'Bravetart,' Stella Parks, Food & Wine Best New Pastry Chef

Awesome work Stella, so glad you got recognized for your amazing creations.

A Sandwich a Day: Smoked Meat from Schwartz's in Montreal

their garlic pickle and a can of black cherry soda makes everything a complete meal. i hope the food will stay at the same quality even after getting sold.

Grocery Girl: Everyone Loves Free Samples

It's been a long known fact that samples is a highly effective way of advertising. I think this column has really moved into a "let's promote my store" type of series rather than a "useful and fun insight into the workings of a grocery store".

I love free samples. I think its a great way to turn a on the fence decision into yes or no. Otherwise there are some things i would not buy if i wasn't sure if it was going to be good or not.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

my kuhn rikon avocado knife, and so brightly colored too!

Ask the Food Lab Anything, the Thanksgiving Edition

Thanks Kenji for subjecting yourself to this again!

My family has a long time debate over the turkey rump (the little butt part that usually sticks out and up a bit). My mom's family says it must come off and having it on will ruin the taste of the rest of the turkey, while my dad's side loves that part (especially my grandma) and is very upset when they find its been chopped off prior to roasting. What is the general consensus on this controversial part of the turkey or is my family just crazy?

Candy a Day: Nerds

If you eat the ones with two flavours, thats almost like 4 candies in a box!

Cook the Book: 'The Family Meal'

I think they would probably have something convenient that can be made in large quatities. A stew perhaps, or some kind of marinated meat that can be roasted/braised in large trays.

From Behind the Bar: Real Estate

I go to bars with groups of friends regularly and our group always order 2-3 drinks each at a night. One or two of our members (the DD) don't drink, and may just order water or juice. And if one of those "non-drinking" members were asked to vacate, we would probably just leave and not come back. Where ever you are going to be bar tending, there will be a non-drinker and they're important too. You don't need to treat them as a second rate customer, remember they too have a role to play in a group.

Cook the Book: 'Ruhlman's Twenty'

I think having a great knife (and cutting board) is essential. Many times have I cooked in a friend's kitchen and ended up with badly cut food just because of lacking materials.