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AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

1) Ketchup. I find it loathsome, most of all on burgers and fries.
2) Under-seasoned. I can deal with dry/overcooked if the flavor is somewhat there.

Boston: Pizzeria Regina, The Original

I have such a special place in my heart for Pizzeria Regina. In the years since moving to Boston 7 years ago, I have dragged every friend, every first-time visitor, and every second-date to the North End for their pizza. I LOVE how cramped and greasy the interior is. How the waitresses are often cranky and to-the-point. How they give you paper plates and leave jugs of olive oil on table.

My favorite pizza is the melanzane (eggplant, ricotta, basil, onion), but anything is often guaranteed to send me to a place of pizza-happiness.

If you get there right when they open or around 2pm, you can get seated pretty quick. So, off-hours.

Considering the Supermarket S'more

The B&J's smores ice cream is absolutely in my Top 5 Favorites of all their flavors..... maybe even Top 3. The marshmallow is awesomely gooey. Instead of having graham chunks, there is a swirl of ground up graham that has a texture somewhat similar to cookie dough..... Excuse me, I need to go buy myself a pint.

Smores pop-tarts hit a pretty big nostalgia score for me. They made great study food in college and paired quite delicately with sugar-free Red Bull.

AHT Giveaway: Omnomnomnivore T-Shirt from Threadless

Pterodactyl! They fly murderous and free!

(I would link to The Oatmeal comic if it didn't prominently feature such colorful language)

Poll: What Pizza Practices Are Unacceptable?

The most horrific transgression I have ever witnessed happened when I was a server at Bertucci's. This was back in the mid 2000's when the Atkins diet was REALLY big. A woman ordered the silano pizza-- lemon cream sauce with cheese, broccoli, and chicken. She only ate the toppings and sauce, leaving behind the entire crust for me to throw away. Such a waste!

Bottom Shelf Beer: New Shock Top Flavors

Didn't you also like the Shocktop pumpkin beer... or at least deemed it passable? I think I remember a post about Emily's expensive pumpkin-beer-loving needs.

But I empathize with your relationship to pepperoni. I'm a closeted pepperoni-lover, open pepperoni-judger. Or maybe just a jerk.

The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie

@Meredith Smith: My parents always get it from the Crugnales (a local chain) in our hometown. I haven't had their pizza in ages (no longer in RI), but I remember loving it. Or that could just be the nostalgia tasting so delicious.

It's about an hour drive from Boston. Yelp warns that you be nice to the old ladies who work there.

The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie

This is very similar to RI pizza strips. Those usually have a thicker sauce and more Greek-style crust. In addition to strips, you can also get a box of the stuff at many mom/pop bakeries. A box of pizza is present at most BBQs, family gatherings, etc.

My RI friends would argue that it's even better cold, and the corners are the best piece.

Poll: Olives - Way or No Way?

I have been pro-olive my entire life. Up until the age of ten, my absolute favorite pizza topping was olives. Specifically, sliced black olives (probably) from a can. If it didn't have olives, it wasn't pizza, and I wasn't eating it. I have since branched out, but oh man. So much love for olives.

The Food Lab: All About Asparagus

With regard to the "haunting smell," I have noticed a trend (at least with my biology). If I cook the asparagus at home myself soon after purchase, no smell. If I eat the asparagus in the salad bar at work, lots of smell. Perhaps those thio chemicals have something to do with the age and freshness of the veggie?

Reality Check: Hardee's Turkey Burgers

Ugh, the horror of turkey burgers. My mother used to cook those things along with other monstrosities (turkeyloaf, turkeyballs, etc) when I was kid. I remain unconvinced that turkey disguised as a burger can ever pass as something edible, and Hardee's manages to reaffirm that belief.

Boston: Reconnecting with Dok Bua's Pad Ki Mow

I tried S&I to Go a few weeks and absolutely fell in love. The noodles were so awesomely spicy that I had to lie down on the couch and wait for the tidal wave of heat to recede. Amazing. I can't wait to go back.

Dok Bua is just down the street, but I've never ventured. I'll have to put that on my to-do list.

But Noodle Street on Comm Ave will always and forever have a special place in my heart.

Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

I am in the habit of drinking my coffee hot until it is >85 degrees F out. But this reminds me of a recent venture to my home state of Rhode Island. People in RI seriously go ape-shit over iced coffee, with the only thing better than iced coffee being Dunkin Donuts ice coffee. If it's sunny and you're not freezing your toes off, you better specify hot, because iced is default.

I did not remember this when I stopped by a DD.

The Cheeseburger Eggsplosion, a Burger with a Fried Egg Center

I'm at a loss for words. I want to make this, but I also feel inspired to concoct fellow egg-in-hole creations. Guess I could do both. . . .

Taste Test: Orange Soda

Kenan: Who loves orange soda?
Kel: Kel loves orange soda!!
Kenan: Is it truuue?
Kel: It's true!!

Sorry. I had to. Those who watched Nickelodeon in the 90's will understand.

The Food Lab: How to Make Scallion Pancakes

This looks so straightforward and gratifying and yummy and wonderful and and ....!!! I am going to make these pancakes the second I walk through the door tonight. Boyzor will be pleased.

Plus, working with dough makes me feel sexy. Wait, is that weird?

School Food we actually LIKE...

Tater tots were epic. But in my RI school system, we called them potato puffs. In grade school, they were a somewhat rare treat. But in the middle and high schools, you could get a carton of JUST potato puffs for 50 cents. Amazing.

In 4th-6th grade, I was also a big fan of chicken patty sandwiches slathered in mayo. They were like sub-par Burger King chicken sandwiches sans lettuce. So bad, they were good kind of thing.

Looks good,I wanna like it,keep trying it,but it never satisfies

Cauliflower and raisins. The texture of cauliflower disturbs me, and raisins are just too.... something. Tangy? Chewy? Overly sweet? I don't know. I find other dried fruits less offensive, but I'm not too crazy about them in general.

For a cuisine as a whole, I don't care for Moroccan food. Fruits in savory dishes usually don't do it for me. But! It's possible I haven't given it enough of a chance.

Do you midnight snack?

Does late-night coming-home-tipsy snacking count? Because in that case, yes.

Otherewise, not particularly. I usually sleep through the night, but if I wake up with an upset, gurgling stomach, I'll munch on something little (piece of cheese, leftovers, potato chips).

What are your food-related New Years resolutions?

1. Actually write recipes into the hardcover book I bought 9 months ago to be my personal recipe book :-P
2. Start (and keep up) a cooking blog where I can also geek out about chemistry and science fiction (my two other favorite things). Make all my friends read it.
3. Sign up for the CSA offered at my work site when spring rolls around
4. Maybe cut back on the pop-tarts..... maybe
5. Conquer my fear of deep-frying at home

Cheese and Beer Go Together Better

I'd also like to recommend the classic combo of PBR and bar pizza ;-)

Bringing lunch to work, need some suggestions

How about cold pizza? Whenever ordering or making, I always try to set aside a few slices to eat cold because I looove cold pizza. The ready-made dough in grocery stores is usually inexpensive, and then I'll load it up with my favorite veggies, meats, and cheeses of the moment. It usually makes for a satisfying lunch.

Thanksgiving Dinners Past: Best and Worst

Every Thanksgiving is at my aunt's house. She means well, but she's a pretty mediocre cook, takes lots of shortcuts. There's never any explosive drama (curses!), but there's plenty of silent hatred abound. So, every year is tolerable. Whoop.

But I now have a TG-associated happy memory! My boyfriend and I just moved in together, but will be spending the holiday with our respective families. As such, we prepped a mini-TG for ourselves this weekend. I was beyond excited to make Kenji's science-approved stuffing/dressing, but when I went to put the breadcubes in the oven for drying.... there was no heat. Turns out, the gas company (which had been screwing around in the building the day before) forgot to turn the oven back on. I nearly burst into tears. Because TG to me means STUFFING. Screw the turkey, I want stuffing. Devastated and distraught, I crawled into bed and hid under the covers until the bf coaxed me out. Defeated, I trudged to the grocery store for Stovetop.

Yet in the end, everything was wonderful and tasty. The bf is vegetarian-ish, so we battered and fried tofu which was complemented with homemade cranberry sauce, potatos, and a veggie medly with goat cheese. And with some extra butter and stock, even the Stovetop was yummy. I ate too much far more happily than I will at this year's actual TG.

Taste Test: Frozen Pie Crusts

I have used both the Trader Joe's and Pillsbury brands to make a family-inherited dessert known as maids-of-honor (or french maids or iron maidens if you're my boyfriend). These are cupcake-sized pies with jam on the bottom, filled with cake batter, and baked. I brought them to work once, and my buddy still raves about them.

I had much better luck with Pillsbury. It held its shape nicely in the cupcake pan and did not interfere with the flavor of the cake or jam. Also, I thought it had a nice texture. Just flaky enough. More recently, I gave Trader Joe's pie crust a brand because I had heard such good things about it being made with all butter. These fell apart when they came out of the pan. They did not bake as nicely as the Pillsbury version, which had a nice touch of golden brown.


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