• Location: NYC
  • Favorite foods: Tomatoes, eggplant, non-stinky cheese, most fruit, Indian Cuisine

Mint Ice Cream Recommendations?

Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie - the best parts of mint chip and cookies and cream in one! Bonus points for the mint ice cream being white and not green.

Tri-tip instructions for a vegetarian!

Thanks! I've actually already ordered it via FreshDirect, so it's definitely coming and I need to get my act together!

@ Embackus, The BF said that the one he had on Saturday tasted like it had been heavily marinated, so I'd love to go that route. Do you have any recommendations as to type of marinade and how long I should let it sit?

Any more (specific) comments are well appreciated!

New Orleans - Don't Know Where To Start!

@southeasterneater - I'm not staying in the French Quarter...we really like to explore different neighborhoods and try to get as much of a local experience as possible, so I wanted something away from the center of tourism. A lot of your recommendations overlap with those of a friend of mine from New Orleans so I'll take them particularly to heart. Thank you!

Are CSAs Cost Effective for Your Family?

@Simon - Could you share the name of your CSA? I too am in NYC and have found that many CSA's are beyond my budget, but around $14/week sounds great!

NYC East Village Recommendations?

For Indian, Banjara on the corner of 1st and 6th is fantastic.

I'm not crazy for Sushi, but for Soba I love Sobakoh. I have heard that Soba-ya is even better, but I haven't been myself.

Tips for a beginner?

I'm also just starting to really explore cooking and have been following SE for a while now without "jumping in", so welcome to the club :) Ever since my SO moved in about a year ago I've been challenging myself to become a better cook and learn to cook meat and fish, neither of which I eat. One of the resources that I've really been enjoying is Donna Hay -- her cookbooks are beautiful and the recipes are delicious and relatively foolproof (and include a lot of basics that you can utilize for other dishes).

Restaurants in NYC with gluten-free options...

As someone who's recently gone gluten free and also happens to be a vegetarian, I'm finding eating out to be a challenge. Sure, salads and veggies are great, but most vegetarian entrees tend to be carb-based (and not the gluten-free kind!)

Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in NYC that offer great vegetarian, gluten-free options? Am especially sad over all of the pasta, pizza, and sandwiches I'm missing out on, so any restaurants that have gluten-free versions of those would be amazing.

Tri-tip instructions for a vegetarian!

Although I'm a born and raised vegetarian I've taken to learning how to cook fish and meat for my boyfriend (who does not all). I have become pretty adept at cooking various fish, but pretty much all meat is a challenge.

My boyfriend had an amazing tri-tip steak at Cookshop over the weekend and wants this to be my next conquest, so I'm going to try Wednesday night. Any ideas would be appreciated, keeping in mind that I'm in a NY apartment (so unfortunately no grill) and I have yet to purchase a meat thermometer (I know, I know). Also, he's really looking for a great hunk of meat (so no chili, for example.)

Thanks in advance!

New Orleans - Don't Know Where To Start!

I'm taking my boyfriend for a suprise trip to New Orleans March 5-9th and don't even know where to begin when it comes to eating out since there are seemingly so many fantastic options.

It would be fun to go to some dives but also take him for a few really special upscale dinners. Also, the more variety of locations, the better.

Any suggestions would be wonderfully helpful! Thanks!