Melissa McCart

I’m Melissa McCart. I write about chefs on the line, people behind the counter, bartenders at the bar and cooks in their home kitchens. I also document my own and others’ day trips and world-wide travel adventures.

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  • Favorite foods: oysters, artichokes, crostada, lobster, mussels, pate: thinks that can be broken open, split apart, slurped, and spread.
  • Last bite on earth: a perfect truffle omelet.

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Cooking with Kids: Slimy, Tasty Reporting in the 'Wall Street Journal'

Natto is fine. It's like the smell of funky cheese plus the consistency of beans+melted marshmellow.

Dinner Tonight: Cranberry Sauce With Champagne and Currants

any idea how this is the next day? i'm making it now for tomorrow afternoon. . . . too many cooks at the stove where I'm going.


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