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Video: Visiting The Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey

Crazy! I just saw a friend from High School in the video because she works (worked?) there. I've only been there once but it was good ice cream. Not going to lie though, growing up in the immediate area you don't really go there often, especially since they haven't been open as long as the more established ice cream shops in town.

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nutella or prosciutto. it's a tough call because i love them both.

Cook the Book: 'The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato and Sorbetto'

I was in Assisi, Italy touring the country prior to World Youth Day 2005 in Koln, Germany. The gelato place was right across from the Basilica of Santa Chiara, and it was beautiful. To this day, Assisi is my favorite place.

Philadelphia: Pizzeria Stella Reviewed in the 'Philadelphia Inquirer'

@HeartofGlass My family compares that type of pepperoni to those rubber cup toys you pushed down and they sprung back up at you. Conte's in Princeton serves similar looking pepperoni pizza, but that is just me assuming based upon the picture. I have never been to Pizzeria Stella.

New Jersey Dispatch: The Great Wall Supermarket

This supermarket is literally less than a minute from my house, and I absolutely love it! My mother and I are in there quite frequently and it is fantastic. We're not asian, but the people who work there and even the people who shop there frequently recommend brands and such to buy. This is awesome to see it there!

Video: How to Peel a Banana Like a Monkey

I actually do peal banana's like this, especially when i can't get the other end and don't want a mushy mess.

Cook the Book: 'Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes'

bleu cheese, medium well, chipotle mayo, fresh tomato/lettuce and onion straws. Obviously the bun needs to be slightly toasted.

Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ: Phat Ladies, Chocolate Cheesesteaks, and Happy Undergrads

Personally, i've always loved the Sanchez with Sanchez sauce, but when in P-town i usually am there to hang out with friends, get Thomas Sweets, or head over to Conte's. Then again i'm working on the campus this summer so I'll have to head over to Hoagie Haven for lunch...

It's a heart attack on a bun, but everyone loves it

Cook the Book: ''Wichcraft'

I've always been a fan of the prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and roasted red peppers on a nicely toasted italian bread with balsamic vinegar.

Can you tell this is my favorite sandwich?

New Jersey Dispatch: PA Dutch Farmers Market

So i live, literally, ten minutes down the road from this market and it is delicious. It's not at all surprising for there to be a big influx of high school students if there is an early release from school. The food is truly great! In fact, I planned on meeting people there for lunch on friday.

Food Suggestions pre/post Broadway Show

Thanks everyone! I just got home, and we didn't eat afterward, but before hand we grabbed sandwiches at Cosi. I must say my Wasabi Roast Beef (wasabi mayo, sesame glaze, pickled ginger, lettuce, and the obvious roast beef) was delicious, as was my friend's sandwich (turkey, brie, and honey mustard).

Who would've known that this chain could be so good?

Food Suggestions pre/post Broadway Show

@andrearode @kfarrel3 @chapsholic Thank you all for your wonderful recommendations, my friends and I will definitely consider al of your recommendations.


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