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I look forward to cooler weather because...

i love that you can throw on baggie sweaters and jeans to cover the 5lbs ill gain this hoilday season hello thanksgiving menu planning!!

Home Made S'mores

i think you can find a niece veggie friendly marshmellow at your local health food store but you maybe hard press to replace the chocolate but you could try peanut butter to get that goo factor....

Apple Picking!

i use to work picking apples and it was by far the best job ive ever had not in pay..... but in the pleasure in being outside in the orchards in the fall climing trees:)

Meatballs...why can't I get it right?

one thing i always do with my meat balls is drop them raw in your tomato sace and cook low and slow i find they stay nice and moist and flavorful and make sure your adding enough salt to the meat

Pitiful Pot Roast...

chuck roast or bottom round

Pitiful Pot Roast...

try using a different cut of meat something that has a little more fat on it and make sure your giving it plenty of time 5-6 hours in a crockpot is my fav

Is it safe to eat chicken that's been frozen for 4 months?

yes chicken is fine for 6 months if stored in a air tight pakage


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