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Los Angeles: Tito's Tacos, a Nostalgic Hard-Shell Taco Stand in Culver City

I have friends that adore Tito's but I really can't stand their tacos, their burrito is oddly delicious, the filling is almost like soup it's so liquid, but eaten with their tortilla chips it's pretty good.

Daily Slice: Five Onion Bagel Crust Pizza at Abbot's, Los Angeles

good pizza, but that crust is so chewy my jaw actually hurts after eating just one slice :(

10 of Our Favorite Pancakes in America

Snooze in Denver, CO should definitely be on that list, best pancakes I have ever had!

A Sandwich a Day: The Godmother at Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica, CA

I had one the other day and it is truly awesome, the bread is what makes it perfect!

Chocolates for New Year's Resolution Makers and Breakers

Trader Joes has these "powerberries" which are concentrated fruit (kinda like fruit snack) dipped in dark chocolate, they are yuuuummy, and probably not great for you but better than a candy bar! (the bag advertises they are a good source of vitamin c!)

Taste Test: Chicken Stock

Imagine Organic won the Americas Test Kitchen taste test and so I tried it and agree it's the best, I always use the low sodium kind for soups and sauces! It's a bit pricier than most but I always stock up when it's on sale!

Cook the Book: Barefoot Contessa, 'How Easy Is That?'

orangette's braised cabbage and carrots with a poached egg is so simple yet so delicious and in my mind very elegant!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Tofu?

Gotta love Korean tofu soup, it's as comforting as chicken noodle but healthier!

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

I also have a soft spot for Chili's, their ribs are pretty good and I love their gazillion calorie buffalo chicken salad but my absolute favorite item which I actually crave from time to time is that molten chocolate cake!

Mixed Review: Manischewitz's Honey Cake

Ina Garten's honey cake recipe is one of my favorites, it has a nice honey flavor without being too sweet or oily.

In Season: Nectarines

One of my favorite recipes with nectarines is this one for grilled scallops and nectarines with corn and tomato salad from Bon Appetit:

Steak 'n Shake: The Quintessential American Cheeseburger

The best thing about steak and shake for me is the fact that it's fast, cheap and good but doesn't seem like fast food, rather more like diner food. You get a waitress! what other fast food joint has waitresses! And their menu is much more varied than your traditional fast food joint, plus the 24 hour availability is nice. Wish we had them on the west coast!

Dinner Tonight: Spaghetti with Bottarga and Almonds

sounds delicious but bottarga is both REALLY expensive and REALLY hard to find, I tried to track some down here in LA a few months ago and had no luck!

French in a Flash: Homemade Merguez Boulettes

Tried these for dinner alongside some sauteed spinach and it was delicious, the boyfriend really loved it, thanks!

The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 1, Northern California)

Little Star does order ahead, it's fully baked though, every time I am in the city I call and order a pie ahead of time and then pick it up and eat it at home to avoid the crowd and wait in the establishment.

In Season: Cherimoyas

Our avocado purveyor at the local farmers market in Santa Monica often has them

Shamrock Shake Returns to Select McDonald's, But Disappoints This Year

Weird, I had one the other day and it came in a paper cup, no whipped cream or cherry, and tasted as yummy as it always has. Perhaps not all the franchises are using these new techniques?

McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken McNuggets: How Does It Taste?

I caved as well and went to try it the other day, when I asked for the sauce they said they had it but guess what I got! BBQ! I discovered this after I had left the premises and couldn't justify going back, oh well.

How to Make Clarified Butter

Many cultures use "ghee" as a staple in their cooking, of course it doesn't make it any healthier :)

Cook the Book: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

next time you pick out a pineapple check its bottom for mold (it's not as obvious as you would think) you want a white bottom that's mold free and fresh green tops that aren't dry, then store it on it's side!

French in a Flash: Boeuf aux Carottes

was this at La Rose de France? at 24, place dauphine? Last time I was in Paris I had such a lovely meal there at sunset while watching people play petanque, sounds just like what you enjoyed! what a great spot, and the recipe looks delicious.

What to do with four pounds of pecans!?

Thanks so much everyone, you all have excellent suggestions, I have lots of ways to use up all the pecans now!

In Season: Persimmons

if you are eating them for the first time, be careful, the hachiya variety will suck all the moisture from your mouth if it is not completely ripe! I made that mistake and was really freaked out!

The Secret Ingredient: Pomegranate Molasses

These cookies were delicious and turned out exactly as written. Next time I may add some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter, thanks for a terrific recipe!


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