Recent pastry school grad but still in the professional office drone world. Semi-vegetarian, but don't hold that against me. I'm pretty adventurous as long as it's not red meat.

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: chocolate, popcorn, green olives, pickles, chicken fingers
  • Last bite on earth: Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno at Nobu... mmmmmm

New Le Creuset, now what to do with it...

My most successful dish in my baby was bouillabaisse. Took me hours (from Gourmet, easy to find on but it was well worth it. I make soup after soup after soup and never get bored using it.

26th birthday recommendations

I'm trying to narrow by the places I've been in big groups. Craft comes to mind... we all shared sides, which was fun. Enjoy 26!

trestle on 10th or Red Cat????

Mmmmmm Red Cat

Pizza near 92nd Street Y

Delizia is always good... especially when you're tipsy

Hot Cross Buns

Soutine usually makes them every year. I can confirm that they're good because I interned there :)

What? No commentary on The Minimalist?

I wasn't an avid fan but I would always catch up with his articles on my phone on long bus or train rides. I'm going to miss the ability just to waste awhile being entertained. Guess I'll just have to be on Serious Eats more often. :P

Mixed Review: Ghirardelli Brownie Mix vs. The New Baked Brownie Mix

For $16, I would just make them from scratch!

Inexpensive Baking Classes?

ICE classes are well worth the money!

KitchenAid Question

When you have the awesomeness of the 6 qt pro, the little extra time to scrape means nothing.

Is a Cookie Press Necessary?

Pastry bag! No little Christmas trees but easier to control

Suggestions for extra cranberries

Freeze or make the pumpkin walnut cranberry quickbread from last year's cook the book section! So good!

'South Park' Takes on the Food Network

I thought it was pretty funny, especially with the shake weight stuff added in. I rarely watch the show anymore, but go figure that my husband had it on while I was decorating a cake.

How often do you cook something new ?

Feels like rarely these days. I've been so wrapped up in making cakes for other people that I rarely get to experiment. I have a whole box full of recipes to try... Luckily, tonight was a good night to try something new. Have some chocolate caramels chilling as I type this. Recipe is from a 1966 Women's Day cook book!

Sandra Lee New York's "First Lady"

My first thought? I wonder if Sandra had a big cocktail time to celebrate? My second thought? Definitely wondering how many tablescapes would make their way to Albany. I'm sure when I'm bored here in good ol' New York, I'll think of some more zingers in the next four years...

Do chocolate and Thanksgiving go together?

Be thankful for chocolate, I say! The chocolate dessert for turkey day is always the thing I can be playful with because all of the other desserts are well established must haves in my family (pistachio pudding bars, pumpkin chiffon pie). I haven't quite decided what I'm going to make this year, but I've been dying to make the chocolate malk cake Sept's Bon App from Momofuku:

One-shot cooking classes pro or not pro / NYC area

I recommend ICE definitely. They have a wide variety of classes to choose from and reasonably priced considering it's in Manhattan

Video: Feeding a Hungry Kitten With a Syringe

I could watch this all day!!

Top Chef Just Desserts - Are you watching it?

I feel that I have to give it a chance. When I was in pastry school, my class would often talk about how Top Chef should show us some love... After all, it was the one thing that would regularly get contestants kicked off. Plus, a few of the pasty people are actually from my school, so again, I feel compelled to stick with it. Seemed a little bitchy to me already but we shall see.

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment- worth the money?

Love mine. I'm short on space so it's helpful that's its just a bowl basically... I can easily find somewhere to tuck away. I've found good recipes from food & wine as well as epicurious. The juicer attachment was a help for the sorbets!

Road-Trippers: Where Did You Go and What Did You Eat?

I'm heading to Minnesota and the UP of Michigan on Friday. On the menu:
- Friday night fish fry. Really NY, why are we missing this fabulous idea?
- pasties! Mine will be a veggie one because I don't eat meat but many varieties will be purchaed as gifts. I heard my favorite shop now has a drive thru! Amazing
- hard toast... Or as my husband calls it "stale bread". Dried out bread with cinnamon and/or sugar, smeared with "oleo" (ha! Love that) with some coffee.

All of this will be in conjunction with food from grandma, which is too lengthy to list and isn't considered road trip food... But it's the best no matter what it is. Isn't that always the case?

Oh and last but not least I WILL go to an A&W this trip for a float, darn it. Missed it last time.

Red Velvet Help - NJ has a great red velvet recipe. Easy to make! Good luck

Happy National Chicken Finger Day!

Chicken fingers are one of the main reasons that I'm not a vegetarian. Mmmm

Going Pro: Opinions on the Institute of Culinary Education?

I'm a pastry grad from ICE 09 (I feel like all of my posts start this way!) and I can say my time there was great and it was worth every penny. Of course, I got a partial scholarship, so that helped. :) Anyway, I've heard mixed things about the management program. The bad reviews seem to be from a few people that just took that program. The better reviews came from people who did the culinary and management combined program. I think they got a more well rounded experience that way. I heard it also depends on which teachers you get. What I do suggest is going and taking a recreational division class there. They have a class on how to open a catering business for $350. Maybe start there and then consider moving on to the next level? I started with some of the rec classes and it really helped convince me to spend the money to go pro.

Knife Skills: How to Cut Citrus Segments

Nightmares from trailing in a kitchen! It's much less pressure trying it at home, I'm sure...

Cake Prayer

I think I might have to print this out for inspiration. Got a three tiered sucker on my books for July...

advanced cake decorating books

Are any serious eaters out there that are also cake decorators? I'm talking about fully blown wedding or sculpted cakes with gumpaste, fondant, the works. I've been researching all of the different books out there, reading all of the reviews on Amazon, etc, but I'm just not 100% sold on what books to invest in. Do you have any personal recommendations? Do you have a go to reference book? I have Toba Garrett and Elisa Strauss books from my time in pastry school but I'm looking for more.

Red Currant Recipes

I just received a small amount of red currants from my CSA yesterday. Does anyone have any recipes that are proven (I don't want to waste these beauties on something untested) and are good for a small amount? I don't think I have enough for jam. I'm looking for sweet not savory recipes. Thanks in advance!

Curious purple vegetable in my CSA box

As I mentioned in another talk point, I got my first CSA delivery of the season yesterday. In it was the most confusing item that made me literally google "purple vegetable" to figure out what it was. Turns out it was kohlrabi. Now that I actually know what it is, what do I do with it? Any suggestions?

Strawberry picking just outside of NYC?

With the season fast approaching, I have a craving to go strawberry picking this year. Does anyone know a good place to try? I live in Manhattan, but I have family and car access in Orange County (NY, of course) and Nassau (south shore).

My first bag of Meyer lemons purchased: Now what?

I bought my first bag of Meyer lemons last night on a whim at my overpriced grocery store. Now what? I probably have a stack of recipes that I've cut out over the years, but does anyone have a tried and true recipe that they can give me? I don't want to experiment on something and have it fail. Wasting money is not something I want to do! I prefer dessert recipes, if possible. I have a lemon loving mother-in-law and a family gathering on Friday. Help?

Attn Finnish-Americans: St Urho's Day was yesterday!

Saint Patty's Day, my butt. Did anyone realize that we missed St Urho's Day yesterday? Does anyone else celebrate this obscure and ridiculous holiday like my family does? If so, do you make anything? I usually make pulla, but that's it... Any suggestions so I'm prepared next year?

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