Greetings from a Retired Butcher!

I did start out with a few affiliate programs, but I actually don't do that anymore and am in the process of removing those links, most of which are broken.

Wow "boobird", no need to be so harsh. Just because I don't make it around every day doesn't mean I'm never coming back. I would hope the moderators here would notice your inflammatory language, what does that ever help?

E Turner

Greetings from a Retired Butcher!

Guys, thank you so much for jumping in to defend me. I do understand the concern for spamming on any revenue-based site, generally no one likes the attention to be taken away from their ads to another site, I can relate to that. At the same time, I think it's good to give your readers some variety and understand that they might appreciate third party sources of information that posters sometimes share. Again, when I share my link on forums, I try to do it responsibly and become an active sharer in that community. I really appreciate you guys sticking up for me, and thanks a million for visiting the site! I'm working daily to expand and improve it, so please continue to visit.

thearrogantchef, I am looking at a more elegant way for visitors to contact me via the site, but for now, you should notice a contact link at top left for getting messages to me directly. I do check that continuously, so please feel free to get in touch anytime!

E Turner

Greetings from a Retired Butcher!

I actually wasn't trying to draw anyone away to my site so much as just wanting to share the work and appreciate feedback from informed consumers. If it makes a difference at all, I do plan to stay around and 'give back' to the community here. Part of staying in the game for me is being able to connect with consumers just as I did when I was still working from day to day, and if I can be of any help here in the way of answering any meat-related questions, I'd be glad to do it!

All the best,
Eric Turner

Greetings from a Retired Butcher!

Hi, really sorry, but is there a moderator that could delete this post? It's a duplicate, and there is a linking error in this one. I corrected it and reposted in another thread.


Best Kept Secret Steak

Hi All,

I do appreciate the input so many of you have given here in the past, and I just haven't found anywhere better than Serious Eats for this kind of feedback, so many knowledgeable folks here.

Anyway, I'm working once again on a new feature over at the website many of you have visited and would love your thoughts. Some of you will recall that I am a retired butcher and maintain a consumer info meat website at Meatshop101.

I'm wanting to know which of the less common grillling steaks are your personal 'Best Kept Secret' steak for the summer grill? I'll get the ball rolling with my own personal favorite: the excellent flat iron steak. I have an article on this cut at the site..the natural, pure beef flavor from this shoulder cut is just phenomenal, naturally tender and grained so perfectly. I really think if more folks tried this cut, they'd be hooked right away.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your thoughts on this, looking forward to feedback!

E Turner - Meatshop101

Greetings from a Retired Butcher!

Hey All,

I am a retired butcher from the south, and it's been hard for me to say goodbye to the trade. Virtually every butcher with whom I ever worked testified that meat cutting is a trade that "gets in your blood." This was true for me as well.

Anyway, I have a website that I launched a while back, but then circumstances took me away from it for a time. I'm getting back to it now, and it is proving to be the next best thing to being back on the butcher block for me. Also the prospect of giving meat consumers some truly useful tips from a true 'insider' is very appealing to me and gives me the feeling that I still have all those customer relationships going that I made over the years.

When I first launched, I was fortunate enough to be picked up by Beef Magazine, who ran an article about the site and my bio. If interested you can see it here.

And of course, the most valuable thing of all for me and the future of Meatshop101 is input, so please feel free to visit at and let me know what you think!

All the Best,
E. Turner

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