meagan preston

I love mexican foodz! I have always wanted to learn spanish, anyhow I am really excited about learning all-new recipes to make and maybe someday, cook for otherz! bye =)

  • Location: goode,va
  • Favorite foods: I don't like that many sauces but i can tell u i will eat ANYTHING WITH PIG,COW OR CHICKEN MEAT!!!! I couldn't possibly eat any more meat then i do.
  • Last bite on earth: the last thing on earth i would bite into( and i've actually looked this up, it exists) a spinach and broccoli candy bar! ew!!!!! not a tasty treat =((((((

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gluten free chesnut and chocolate cake

that looks so good i would steal it! Can I please please have the recipe?

birthday cake logistics - recommend frosting

U should put the icing on at the last second. That makes it taste better but put the icing in a refrigerated area until ur gonna use it. I hope this helps and tell ur little one i said happy b-day!

Coconut water

I have never tried it so i can't give u my opinion but if u don't like the taste try adding some sugar and a little lime for a sweet drink if that's ur thing.


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