I've been cooking since I was old enough to play with flour in the pantry with my big sister.

  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Favorite foods: I'm learning more about roasting and braising, but most of all, I love to grill.
  • Last bite on earth: Roast duck with some kind of yummy ragout and wide noodle...along with an amazing NY cheesecake for dessert.

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10 Delicious Irish Products You Should Get to Know

I haven't had Ballymaloe in AGES! My brother used to bring me back jars of it when he was on vacation from school. His Irish friends thought he was a bit nutty bringing this home. But, I can tell you, it also tastes fantastic on eggs.

AHT Giveaway: VIP Tickets to the Sacramento Burger Battle

Burger...its ALL about the MEAT! If the beef is bad, there's no getting around it.

Cereal Eats: The Not-So-Secret Dangers of Cracklin' Oat Bran

This reminded me of how much I love COB... and cereal in general. It is a treat to have cereal, and even as a lame-o adult, i'd rather have a bowl of cereal than a bowl of ice cream!

Baked Alaska Recipe?

Yeah- That would work well! And, i'm thinking torch for the meringue instead of putting it in the oven.

Thanks for the tips! Should make for an interesting dessert on Christmas!

Baked Alaska Recipe?

I saw this one as well. I just got back from vacation, where we had Baked Alaska served with the ice cream surrounding the cake.
And, I should add, i'm looking for a chocolate cake versus a pound cake (although Wolfgang Puck's looks good!).

Poll: What Weird Pizza Eating Habits Do You Have?

I usually cover the pizza in chile flake and dip in ranch dressing (I know, I know...its awful) if available. I've graduated to Blue Cheese dressing now that i'm a fancy adult.
Also, i'm on the folding of thin crust pizza wagon as well.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Food Souvenirs to 'Smuggle' Home

I guess i'm a chicken when it comes to smuggling. My Europe request is always Kinder Eggs. The chocolate isn't the best, but its all about the toys for me (i'm 30, and still love 'em!).
From Ireland, its Ballymaloe relish, which was requested by someone at work (from Cork) who missed it dearly. My big brother, who lived in Dublin at the time, obliged with a few jars, which snowballed into me turning on the little sister begging for him to bring it back every time he came home.

Alton Brown Announces End of 'Good Eats' Series

So long Food Network! I agree with Mohican- Emeril brought the fun and excitement, Alton taught me the science, and explained the method behind the madness of why cooking is done the way it is.
And, my lesson, among many, is do not open the oven door before your food is done (or if your food is on fire).
My sister still talks about lobsters being closer to roaches than fish on the evolutionary food chain!

Poll: Do You Do Pizza Bagels?

I like my bales to be bagels and my pizza to be pizza. Not both.

Dinner Tonight: Bocadillo de Tortilla

Oh my goodness!! This brings back memories of my time in Cordoba, when I learned about the wonders of Bocadillo de Tortilla, especially after midnight and way too many drinks.
It might sound like a fritatta sandwich, but tortilla is very different. In the south, green peppers (I think they are Pasilla- not bitter green bells or spicy jalapeƱos) were one of the regional additions.
Another fond memory was Bocadillo de Calamares (aka, Calamari in a French roll- now that was nine kinds of wrong that tasted oh so right!).
Thank you for the tortilla recipe- I am looking forward to trying it out!!

Whole Foods to Serve Humanely Raised Insects, Introduce Whole Paycheck Direct Deposit

I read this and thought, oh, sounds like something that Whole Foods would do. Then I looked at the clock...April fools on me!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Food TV Shows and Personalities?

I'd like to chalk up my 100% to being at home after surgery, but I clearly have watched too much food tv! (can't wait for Top Chef to come back!) Fun Quiz!

Gadgets: Jamie Oliver's Flavor Shaker

I got sucked into buying one of these last year at my local hardware store (which has some great kitchen/household items!).
Since last summer, my JO Flavor Shaker has been put to bed... the plastic ring is really hard to shove back into its place (it sits in a narrow channel). Also, when I tried to add liquid to the shaker, I ended up with lemon juice and olive oil all over my counter- the thing leaks!
Sticking with the moarter and pestle and the jam jar for shaking up salad dressing.
This gadget is very expensive compared to what spice grinders, knives, moarter & pestle and jam jars can do! Save your pennies!

Scientists Using Radioactive Signatures in Wine to Detect Vintage Fraud

Funny...this was going to be my new party trick after watching White Collar. Really, a great show!

Weekend Giveaway: California Wine Club Membership

Lambrusco Rosso Secco (looking right at the label now as I need to pick up another bottle or two)... found at Plump Jack in SF

Super Bowl Giveaway: The Bacon Explosion

A life without bacon is not a life worth living...

Meatloaf as Medium: 'Meatloaf Creations' Goes There

Well, now I really have an excuse to play with my food! I like the Spongebob one too!

Video: Arnold Palmer Making an Arnold Palmer in ESPN SportsCenter Commercial

OMG... I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with Arnold Palmer making an Arnold Palmer... This is why I Love SE!

And, drinks aside, I went out the other night and someone was talking about having a John Daly drink, some sort of alcoholic concoction involving iced tea flavored vodka and citrus of some kind. Can anyone help with a recipe?

Cook the Book: 'Nigella Christmas'

Hazelnut biscotti drizzled with dark chocolate. Gave them as Xmas gifts last year.

Cook the Book: Eggnog Sandwich Cookies

Wow...these might replace sugar cookies for my cookie plate this year! Might have to make a test batch this weekend!

Cook the Book: Jammies

Going to make these now... these look yummy!

Cook the Book: 'The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion'

We had a Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe taped onto the side of the fridge growing up. Pretty sure those were the first ones that I made as a kid.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Homemade Holidays

I'm spending the weekend making vanilla sugar jars for friends and decanting bottles of kumquat vodka that's been marinating since last winter/spring. Both will be gifts for family/friends.

Cookie dough making will start this weekend too!

Video: Turkey, Stuffing, and Gravy Tips from Anthony Bourdain

Hmm... I guess i'll be in cooking hell for prepping the turkey whole, putting garlic in the turkey and stuffing the bird with stuffing. Oh well!

And, @missing_LA, I agree on making stock prior to the Big Day. The less large pots on the stove, the better!

Cook the Book: 'Good Eats: The Early Years'

I always remember the Thanksgiving when the sweet potatoes caught on fire... and sitting in the other room was an honest to goodness Fire Chief. Needless to say, the fire was quickly put out before we had to call in the reinforcements. The Sweet Potatoes were saved and tasted good, and we were all able to laugh about the fire during dinner.