Where to buy fresh fish?

Ambienttra-- I had no idea fish CSAs existed!! Definitely looking for a more transparent source (FD and Whole Foods are good about this but could be better). I am going to look into your recommendations, thank you :)

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Porterhouse from Peter Luger's!!

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Sammys halal cart on 6th avenue and west 4th!!!!

Cereal Eats: I Need To Talk About Froot Loops

i love froot loops!!!!!!

It actually tastes AMAZING mixed in with plain cheerios or cornflakes (helps cut some of the sugarness and it is actually an amazing combination..)

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murrays cheese!!!!!!!

Where to buy fresh fish?

Hi everyone! Does anyone have any "go to" places to purchase high quality/fresh fish in NYC? As of now I purchase most of my fish from FreshDirect or Wholefoods but am a bit of a newbie when it comes to fish so would love to hear what you guys think are some of the top places in NYC to buy fresh fish. Thank you for your help!!