I always say "Yes" if asked if I would like to see the dessert menu!

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  • Location: DC Metro Area
  • Favorite foods: The list is way too long for 255 characters. But I love fruit, vegetables and of course, desserts!
  • Last bite on earth: Rasam - a spicy South Indian broth made with tamarind and lentils - and rice. Comfort food at its best!

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

Ottolenghi's roasted cauliflower with raisins. Actually anything Ottolenghi!

Desserts to Deconstruct

I made a deconstructed tarte tatin for our Thanksgiving dessert - sable breton cookie, poached pear, salted butter caramel, ginger ice cream and pistachio-cardamom streusel.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

I'm several days late as well, but maybe I'll get lucky and have my question answered! I am planning a modern Indian vegetarian menu for Thanksgiving, featuring traditional Indian dishes adapted to include Thanksgiving staples like fall veg, cranberries, etc, and also using Western ingredients and presentation. I'd love some suggestions for a dessert. So far I have come up with tarte tatin with pistachio streusel and cardamom ice cream, or saffron-pistachio creme brulee with poached kumquats. Thanks!

Driving from DC to NYC..where to stop and eat close to highway

We drove from Boston to DC last weekend and stopped for dinner in Edison NJ. Oak Tree Road has lots of Indian restaurants and is a short detour from the Turnpike. We ate Indian-Chinese food at Ming.

Where to Eat Ice Cream in New York City

Grom is my favorite spot for gelato.

Vegetarian eats in Houston, TX?

Thank you all for the suggestions! I look forward to trying at least some of them!

What to do with fresh mint?

You could make mint-cilantro chutney, which keeps for a week in the fridge. Simply blend together a mix of cilantro, mint, hot green peppers, lime juice and salt to a medium-thick paste. You can add ginger if you like, and if you happen to have black salt at hand, use that in place of some of the salt. In India we use this as a dipping sauce with anything! You can stir it into Greek-style yogurt for a quick raita as well.


Ricotta is okay in recipes that call for mashed paneer, like any "kofta" recipe. I might try halloumi in recipes that call for fried chunks of paneer. Different texture and more salty, but could be quite tasty!
I have seen paneer in Whole Foods stores. And if there are any Indian stores that you could get to, they will almost always have paneer in stock.
I second the suggestion to make your own!

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Baking Steel!

Sausage and peppers.

Goodbye Work Cookies

I am partial to the shortbread family. David Lebovitz's Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread is wonderful and really easy to make. I sometimes make extra dough to keep in the freezer in case of cookie emergency. The recipe is on Google Books.

Open Thread: Where Do You Take Tourists in NYC?

When my parents came to visit we took them to NYC for a weekend. Rubirosa, Moustache, Caracas Arepa Bar, Hangawi, Grom, and Perry Street. I had other places I wanted to go to with them as well, but alas, we ran out of room in our stomachs :) 3 out of 4 of us were vegetarian, and all of those places have plenty of options.
My sister is making a trip this summer and so far Tanoreen, Scarpetta and Motorino are on my list.

Recipes that use tahini helvasi (sesame halva)?

Best NYC Supermarket

NYC has amazing markets! I miss them. When I lived there, I would get only the basic stuff like milk and eggs from the local supermarket. There are so many wonderful ethnic and specialty stores for everything else.

Banana bread - canola oil or butter?

I use a recipe from Gourmet that uses oil, and also a small quantity of creme fraiche. Not a banana bread eater myself but everyone who's tasted it loves it!

Cook the Book: 'Vegetable Literacy' by Deborah Madison

I love sauteed greens. I use a little olive oil, garlic and salt, then top it all with a fried egg. A poached egg and a drizzle of spiced butter if I'm feeling indulgent!

Seattle Recs?

I had an amazing Sunday brunch at Boat Street Cafe. Plenty of protein-rich options. Carb-lovers should not miss the amazing bread pudding though!

Do certain cheeses have a season?

Absolutely. Cows eat grass in the summer and hay in the winter, and the change in their diet affects the milk, so the same cheese can be different depending on the season it's made.

Where to Eat with Vegetarians and Meat Lovers in NYC: An Omnivorous Guide to 60 Restaurants

Thanks for this! In the all-veg section, Hangawi is awesome too. Others that come to mind are Caracas Arepa Bar, Scarpetta (they have an entire vegetarian menu), Maialino, Rubirosa, Westville, Prune (brunch) you've made me miss NYC!

Suggestions needed for leftover pastry cream

Gateau Basque? You make a tart dough and fill it jam or pastry cream, and it bakes up into something more cake-like. I have only made David Lebovitz's version with sour cherry preserves, and it is very easy, portable and tastes even better the next day.
I think Suzanne Goin's book Sunday Suppers at Lucques has a recipe for the one with pastry cream inside.

Singapore Stories: Soya Beancurd (Soy Pudding)

Thanks Yvonne & frayed for the recommendations! I'll be traveling to Singapore from South India, so I'll eat my fill of dosa and the like there :) Going to check out the food stalls each of you suggested.

Singapore Stories: Soya Beancurd (Soy Pudding)

I'll be in Singapore for a week in May. Do you have any recommendations for where to go for good vegetarian Singaporean/ Malay food? Not particular about vegetarian restaurants, just places which will make their dishes without fish sauce, shrimp paste etc. Thanks!

Ice Cream not setting

I don't think the quantity of cream would affect the setting ability of the ice cream, only the yield. I'm thinking it's something to do with the freezer as others suggest. Did you by any chance use a significant quantity of alcohol? That can sometimes mess with the freezing.

What's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

I really like David Lebovitz's recipe from Ready for Dessert. I think it's somewhere on this site too.

Congrats to the 2013 James Beard Award Finalists

Congratulations, Kenji! Rooting for you!

Novice question about puff pastry

Also, if you do not cut pastry cleanly, the layers will not separate properly when baked, so use a sharp knife and make as few cuts as possible - ie don't go over the same cut multiple times.

Vegetarian eats in Houston, TX?

My husband and I are both vegetarian. No meat or fish, but we eat eggs and dairy. We are going to Houston for a wedding next week and are looking for suggestions for vegetarian-friendly restaurants. We're thinking Tex-Mex would be great in that part of the country, but are open to all cuisines.

I saw a previous talk thread about this subject but since it's over 4 years old I thought I'd re-post the question. Thanks in advance!

Cooking egg whites

What's the best way to cook egg whites? I constantly have leftover whites since I make ice cream often. I'd like to use them up in savory breakfast/ brunch dishes. My problem is that when I scramble them or make frittata, they turn out a bit rubbery. I've had better results when I mix egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs. If anyone has any good tips for egg white cookery, do let me know! Thanks in advance.

Freezing fruit crisps

So I went to a PYO farm yesterday and came back with a lot of fruit - peaches, raspberries, blackberries. I'm going to make some fruit butters and things. I also had an idea to make a couple of fruit crisps in those foil baking dishes, and bake them from frozen. Has anyone done this before, and what do you recommend?
1. Freeze the fruit alone, then whip up crisp whenever ready.
2. Assemble the fruit crisp and freeze. Bake from frozen when ready, adding some baking time.
3. Assemble and par-bake fruit crisp, cool completely and freeze. Bake until fully done from frozen when needed.


KAF Baking Center in VT - worth a visit?

My husband and I are planning a last-minute road trip in New England, we'll be spending time in Vermont and Maine in the middle of August. I was wondering if the King Arthur Flour Baking Center in Norwich, VT is worth a visit even if I won't get to take a class there? The classes are all sold out, sadly. Does anyone know if you can still watch bakers at work or get a bakery tour? They have a cafe so I'm assuming you can buy some good bread at the very least, and also shop their store for baking supplies.

Thanks in advance!

Pistachio paste - what to do?

I opened a can of Love n' Bake pistachio paste, thinking I might try making an ice cream with it, but I changed my mind and am going to use nuts instead. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do with the can? A slice and bake cookie dough that freezes well, for instance?

Tartine bread at home - troubleshooting

Have any of you been baking Tartine bread successfully at home, and do you care to share any tips?

I've just started baking from the book. Starter is working fine, leaven passed the float test. The bread dough, though difficult to work with, did get aerated well during the bulk fermentation. Only thing, I found the shaping/ final shaping very difficult and it didn't look like his, the dough didn't spread with the round fat edge he describes. I baked the loaf all the same, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was reasonably domed in shape, I had expected a pancake loaf. However the holes in the crumb were small, even though there were some larger irregular ones, leading to a more dense bread. It also had a more sour flavor than I wanted, but that may have been because I did the final proofing in the refrigerator.

Any suggestions?

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