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Latin American Cuisine: Salpicón (Nicaraguan Minced Meat)

That's so great to find a Nicaraguan salpicón recipe here! My mom is from Nicaragua and she loves it, she never gets to have it though, since Nicaraguan cuisine hasn't really left it's country and in Mexico salpicón is quite different: it's stewed and shredded meat with minced fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions. We also eat it with rice and beans though! Congrats on posting this...maybe I'll make some this weekend along with some tostones!

The Food Lab: Ultra-Crispy Roast Potatoes

How about butter for the fat? How does that affect the crispiness?

The Food Lab: Homemade Mayo In 2 Minutes Or Less (Video)

I just picked up from a friend, who inherited the recipe from her spanish grandmother, the trick of using a whole egg. (as in, including the white). It makes for smoother mayo, with the downside that it doesn't keep for more than a day. Is it insane to be using whites? I've loved the results so far!

The Food Lab: Ceviche And The Science Of Marinades

Great info on the marinating times! One of my favorites adds abalone (which needs way more marinating time, or am I ruining it?), firm small avocado cubes and a dash of olive oil.

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The Food Lab: The Road To Better Risotto

At this late stage in the game is there anyone in the world beside hard-line Italians who doesn't know that you can make a perfect bowl luscious, al dente, perfectly mantecato risotto without preheating your broth or stirring constantly? That said, I've still got a ton of risotto questions left unanswered, so this week I decided to test just about every aspect of risotto I could think of to separate fact from fiction. Which type of rice is best? How much do you really need to stir? Is toasting necessary? And what about mounting with cream? 6.6 pounds of risotto later, I've got a few answers. More

The Food Lab: Homemade Mayo In 2 Minutes Or Less (Video)

If you've only ever known mayonnaise in the form of the quivering jellyish stuff that comes in the jars with the blue lid, you're doing yourself a disservice. Like switching from briefs to boxers or walking to Mordor, trying homemade mayonnaise is the kind of thing that will forever change your life (or at the very least, your sandwiches). Today, we do it in 2 minutes or less, with a 100% success rate. More