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  • Location: Dublin/Columbus, Ohio
  • Favorite foods: seafood, veggies, fruit. whole unprocessed foods. also have a soft spot for cheeses and MAYONNAISE.
  • Last bite on earth: either a spoonful of a good french onion soup with a smidge of molten gruyere or a good chunk of real, steamed crab meat drenched in drawn butter.

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Songs About Food

I forgot Girls by Nizopli!

"sometimes sweet like honey, sometimes tart like Marmite"

Songs About Food

Nausea by X

tonight you'll fall asleep in clothes
so late like a candy bar wrapped up
for lunch that's all you get to taste
poverty and spit poverty and spit, spit, spit

Devil Doll by X

she wont get out of bed & shake her snakey hair grabe her throw her in the tub she says "coffe & a piece of pie"

Wasabi Peas

I am a lover. I could go through the big bags from Trader Joes in a matter of days. Never used as a protein coating before but that sounds really good.

Top Chef Masters...are you ready?

Contrary to the opinion quasi stated, I find that I am looking forward to TCM because the competitors are already established. I mean, they are successful already and to be at the point in their careers that they already are makes the fact that they can be made or broken in one competition and are judged by a panel makes it more interesting for me. I also want to see what kinds of mistakes these chefs are going to be called outon, being "old hats" in the kitchen.

My children are bottomless pits!

Alton Brown has a 3 good recipes on the foonetwork website. A brown rice Krispie bar, one granola bar an one protein bar. The granola bar sounds like it'd be pretty cheap to make, the most expensive thing to buy would pobably be the dried fruit...the protein bar sounds like i migt take a bigger cunk of change...

Good luck with yor efforts an congras on feeding your kids healthy stuff while maintaining a full work schedule. tha is extremely admirable, especially these days.

help: great eats near pismo beach ?

I vote for The Cracked Crab and F McClintocks! Had great meals at both places. If you do go to F McClintocks I recommend The bacon wrapped filet with asparagus with bearnaise!

Food & Health

I totally understand this dilema because I am a foodie and one who particularly loves things like real butter, good cheese, dishes made with cream, ,good bread, red meat, things of that nature but I have to watch calories and count carbs because of my diabetes.

I have learned how to balance the things I want to eat and the things I should eat but sometimes I take extra medication so that I can indulge...

Oh andhave you read that series of books Eat This, Not That by David Zinczenco? It will BLOW YOUR MIND how many calories are in the food you eat...not to mention the fat and sodium but it gives you great alternative choices.

Soda, cola, pop, coke, etc.?

I lived in southern california my whole life and always referred to it as soda but after moving to Ohio ant age 23 I am getting sucked into calling it pop...

You can only eat one type of cheese for the rest of your life...

I would say either a mozz or a provolone...they seem to be the most versatile across the board IMO.

I would really miss gouda, port salut, sharp cheddars and most definitely parmeggiano-reggiano...ugh, I dont even like thinking about this imagined cheese drought. sounds like a nightmare...

Passion. Ambition. Butter. THE MOVIE

I really liked the book and I like Powell's blog. The movie looks like the casting was done very well and I'm excited about it.

Adults and baby food?

@bygnerd and chisai -

blueberry buckle is quite possibly the most delicious baby food aside from plain pears...

and I buy yobaby yogurt at Trader Joe's whenever I get the chance. it's much thicker than regular yogurt and soooo delicious.

5 Ingredient Fix? Really?

@brooke29 - I know, right? That doesnt bother me as much as the fact that she cant flavor anything without a premade spice blend...

Worst cooking experience ever?

@blackwdw - HAMALANCHE?!?!?!?!?!, hahahaha, best story ever!

What do you miss? (to: expats and others!)

I lived in Southern California my whole life (23 years) and I moved to the Columbus area of Ohio last November.

I really miss certain chains...In N Out Burgers, IHOP (the closest one is 2 hrs away), Dennys (Bob Evans and Waffle House just arent the same) and Jack in the Box...

I miss real mexican food too.

Guilty Food Pleasures

@firni - I just visited my local asian supermarket about a week ago and made myself sick after eating a chocolate/strawberry good but super sweet...

Guilty Food Pleasures

@dharmon - yeah, I'm definitely going to have to ty that flavor next time...

I love those TGIF fried green beans too! that wasabi ranch makes them though.

5 Ingredient Fix? Really?

I watched about 5 minutes of the show and was not impressed...anyone seen the previews for Schmandra's new show? She's giving out tips on how to save money at the supermarket...can't wait for that trainwreck.

Guilty Food Pleasures

@mizbee and dharmon - I am a sucker for sonic! I could down probably any flavor of slushes...I love the cherry, watermelon and dr pepper or rootbeer...lime is good too. I've never tried the ocean water flavor though...what does that taste like? Is it coconutty?

Guilty Food Pleasures

these posts are always my favorite...

One of my favorite off beat indulgences: peices of krab (yes, imitation crab, surimi, whatever you want to call it) either dipped in cocktail sauce or thousand island dressing. My coworkers at subway have been seriously grossed out on many occasions when I load up my sandwich with the "seafood sensation" mix.

and I love fruited jello...even if it's made with the generic brand of gelatin.

So Proud!

@smokey07 - I totally agree with that. I think kids have their own tastes and it's nature versus nurture that decides whether they end up picky eaters or not...I just finished reading Dirty Sugar Cookies by Ayun Halliday and it had a couple of great stories about this same subject

kudos to you foodiegal! looks like you have a kid with the beginnings of an adventurous appetite!

What was the last great meal (I mean GREAT) that you had?

I ate a half slab of pork ribs at City BBQ on Friday night...I'm still drooling at the thought. Perfect meat to fat ration...meat so tender it just about fell off the bone when I picked them up...very flavorful sweet, yet tangy sauce...really moist and tender but with a good amount of...chew, for lack of a better word. The mac and cheese and hush puppies on the side were amazing, as was the texas toast, but next time I think I'll just get one side and a full rack of ribs...

Subway or Quizno's?

I work at a subway that is right next to a Jason's! They havent officially opened yet but I got to eat there at a previewing. The food was great...

Subway is not a bad company to work for though. This is the second store have worked for and I enjoy it there.

Canteloupe seeds!

I've seen recipes for sauces that are basically just use ground canteloupe seeds.

Wow, a buck eighty nine for a gallon of 2% milk!

I just went to Kroger...scored a gallon of whole milk for 99 cents!!!


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