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Goldfish from 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

@phanmo, I am not sure if I'm right about this, but living in VT I like to use Cabot real Cheddar cheese powder for popcorn:

I am hoping that would work for this recipe. Plus, any excuse to buy another container. It really is amazing on popcorn, and does not taste artificial in the way I think many similar products do.

Dinner tonight? Nov. 1, 2012

Veggie sloppy joes with the Allrecipes Sloppy Joes II recipe modified to skip the ground beef and add crumbled Sunshine Burger (for my money, the best veggie burger out there). On Portuguese rolls, with Alexia waffle fries. Sooo good.

20-Minute Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken

Looks great! What would be a good fish sauce sub for vegetarians? Or would you just omit it altogether? Thanks!

Taste Test: The Best Ketchup

@myself, oh, whoops! I should have read more carefully. Looks like they are just offerring both now. So HFCS-free does still exist. Phew!

Taste Test: The Best Ketchup

@SaqibSaab, I love the Hunt's HFCS-free stuff, too, but I am concerned their website is out of date:

Also, our supermarket that once carried HFCS-free now no longer does, just in the last 2-3 months.

Bake the Book: The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

salty tart's cheesecake with salted caramel from minneapolis!

Recommendations in Montreal?

Oh, I've got one for you. Check out Brossard, just outside Montreal. It's a little enclave of Asian populations, and there's a legit good dim sum place there that also has good, authentic Chinese fare outside of dim sum hours:

There's also a great little tea shop and Asian supermarket in the same plaza. The dim sum in particular is great, and it's the kind with the carts (which I believe is Cantonese).

Strange food facts...

@scalfin, I really wish I hadn't read that...gross.

One week to eat lots of pizza in NYC, recommendations please!

Adam, that is supremely helpful. Thank you!

(Side note, I should probably mention I am a vegetarian, so stuff like pancetta and clams is a no-go--but, I can definitely use all of this information as a guide.)

Where to eat in NYC?

Oh! I am psyched for Taim. I read the recent article about it. Thanks for the reminder, Alaina!

One week to eat lots of pizza in NYC, recommendations please!

Thanks, Kathryn. I am looking more for people's personal opinions, though.

@AK, thank you. Will have to check out your list when I get home, apparently the government is not a fan of letting me look at such lists. How high up on the list is Keste compared to your absolute faves? I guess what I mean to ask is, if you could only get, say, 5 pies in NYC, would Keste be one of them? (I think I can convince my wife to eat pizza with me 5x that week, maybe more...) Thank you!

Where to eat in NYC?

Thanks, Kathryn. I am looking more for people's personal opinions, though.

Top This: Pepperoni and Homemade Pickled Banana Peppers

Hey Kenji, looks great! What cheese from VT did you use?


Dunno if this helps, but in my rice cooker I do 1 cup quinoa to 1 1/4 cup water for a more rice or grain-style quinoa, or 1 cup quinoa to 1 1/2 cup water for more of a pilaf. It comes out consistently great. And, another vote for rinsing it. :)

Potluck Contribution That's Vegetarian?

just remember if you do use cheese, make sure it has no animal rennet. just as a tip, hard European/Italian cheeses may not say they have rennet, but they probably do. he that helps!

Knead the Book: Fast Breads

Avocado, and a little black pepper.

Taste Test: Cape Cod's New Chips

The salt and pepper kettle crinkles from Kettle Chips are great, dipped in peanut butter.

Junoon: Is Fine Dining Indian Worth The Price of Admission?

Just as an addendum, I've noticed the same dynamic with Korean restaurants. I'm not sure why these two cuisines' restaurants are generally much more expensive than similar, other ethnic (or similar American) restaurants. Maybe it's the exoticism of the ingredients and dishes to most consumers, and the fact that Indian and Korean cooking are, for the masses, less common to make at home.

Junoon: Is Fine Dining Indian Worth The Price of Admission?

Thing is, I think a lot of "regular" Indian restaurants, maybe not a curry house, but your typical casual-ish sit-down Indian joint, are already pricier than their Asian or South/North American counterpart restaurants. (At least, outside of NYC.)