• Favorite foods: Proteins: Short Ribs, Oxtail, Duck, Pork Shoulder
    Starches: Pasta, Polenta
    Veggies: Onions, Garlic, Fennel
    Dessert: Souffles, Pot de Cremes and Mousses
    Miscellaneous: Anything with Duck or Pork fat
  • Last bite on earth: Chocolate Souffle

What's Up in Pizza: Sbarro Files for Bankruptcy, Health Wars, and Heston Blumenthal's Airport Pizza

I'm going to echo @Burger365 here. I remember having a quality slice at Sbarros in Times Square many years ago and being surprised at how much better it is than the Sbarros at my local mall.

Poll: What's the Farthest You've Gone for Pizza?

I partially built a mini-vacation around visiting a pizza joint called Pizzeria Oceano in the West Palm Beach area. That was probably about a 50 mile ride and I made plans for other tourist-y things to do in the area during my stay. It was worth the trip.

Vegan: Crispy Smoked Mushroom "Bacon"

Mutton, Lettuce, Tomato... Is that a Princess Bride quote you snuck in there?

I am a huge fan of mushrooms and my favorite way of preparing them is in the leftover oil after I shallow fry some breaded items (croquettes, breaded chicken, etc.) The not yet burnt bread crumbs add awesome texture to it. I'll give this a shot sans smoke. I'm always looking for a good way to prepare a big batch of 'shrooms. Thanks.

Vegan Spinach and Hominy Enchiladas With Spicy Cashew Cream

This looks more intensive than it actually is but if you have two blenders, it's not that bad. You've convinced me to try a few of your vegan recipes soon. I'm putting this one on the agenda. Thanks.

The Vegan Experience: The Three Types of Servers

Considering the demeanor of the waitress, I am figuring she was well-meaning and afraid to recommend an item that she believes to be vegan only to later find out it wasn't. I am also guessing she was young and probably didn't have enough experience or knowledge to properly handle your requests.
The onus of finding the right meal should not be placed on the consumer/guest/customer, but in this case you should have asked to speak to someone more knowledgeable. There's no reason a well-meaning (and paying) customer should leave a restaurant hungry.
Social situations make it awkward, but it could have been a teachable moment for the waitress. The next time she serves a vegan, she will be better for it.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

Besides doing a vegan month, how about doing a vegetarian month sometime this year as well. It's the first logical step for an omnivore to take on their way to a vegan diet.
I like taking baby steps on the way to change rather than long strides. However, I am looking forward to trying a few (or many) of your vegan recipes this year. godspeed.

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

I'm with sourdough on this one. If the burger is solid, it needs no toppings. I voted pickles because I just don't understand what it adds to the burger experience. Perhaps I've been soured by fast food pickles.

Poll: Onion Rings on Burgers: Way or No Way?

We were only given two choices, so I had to say 'no way'. I don't mind onion rings on a burger, but I like 'em thin, crispy and salty. I've never had a good burger that had thick rings in it.

How Do You Feel About Chicago-Style Pizza in NYC?

Deep dish is technically pizza, regardless of it's casseroliness. I've had some good renditions of it and I've had some horrendous. If it tastes good, eat it. Call it what you like.

Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Sherbet

It's actually strawberry season here in Florida. Thanks for the recipe. Will give it a shot after some strawberry picking later this month.

Watch Jon Stewart Tear Into de Blasio's Pizza-Fork Faux-Pas

It's a comedy show. The bit was funny when he was ripping on Trump. Treating F&K'ing as a crime is getting a little tired, but it was still amusing.

Easy Broiled Miso-Marinated Black Cod

Will the marinade work well with salmon? Also, how far ahead can I marinade and will it make a difference in the end product?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

I'm particular to minced garlic. I pre-cook the garlic with oil, red pepper flakes, basil, salt and a bit of citrus at the end.

Poll: Fresh or Low-Moisture Mozzarella on Your Pizza?

For a local slice joint, I'd like to have regular. At home, I make it with fresh. Fresh goes well with the sauce I make as it thins it with that dairy goodness.

The New $199 Sansaire Sous-Vide Circulator is the Solution We've Been Waiting For

I'm guessing that since this product has a low range of zero celsius that it is possible to thaw frozen meats in the immersion circulator at a cold temperature. Perhaps 2 or 3 degrees celsius. Is that a common use of this type of product?

Poll: Eggs on Burgers: Way or No Way?

I'm on the fence. If the egg makes or breaks the burger, it probably wasn't that good a burger to begin with. However, an egg on anything is usually pretty good.

Apple Oatmeal Cookies

Is there a recommended method for softening the rolled oats before baking? I don't like the crunchy texture in my oatmeal cookies.

Giveaway: Win a Copy of 'Winter Cocktails'

My go to winter drink is vermouth with a bit of prosecco and a touch of bitters. Warms me up despite it's cool temperature.

Science! This is Why Hot Water Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water

I'm not as smart as the scientists, so I'm going to say hot water freezes faster because of momentum. Go Inertia!

Ask the Critic: Where To Get Lunch Near Penn Station?

I will reinforce the Pizza Suprema rec as well. Haven't been to NY in a couple of years, but I usually stay close by Penn Station and make it a must to stop at Pizza Suprema each visit. It's not a fancy-schmancy pizza shop, but they make excellent pie.

Ask a Sommelier: What to Drink With Chili

Thank you to those who said beer before wine. I don't begrudge anyone who would like a wine with their chili, but chili and beer is a classic combination for good reason.

Smoked Beers: Your Secret Weapon for Beer Pairing

I had a smoked beer last year and I will never try it again.

Parisian Gnocchi

Hi Kenji, Thanks for the recipe. I know I'm late in asking a question, but I'm going to make this soon and I wanted to know if there would be any issues with doubling the recipe.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Type of Bun for Burgers?

Brioche is decent. Martin's potato is the king.

Cocktail Science: What Makes a Great Mocktail?

My MIL and breastfeeding wife don't drink. Whenever there's a party, I try to make them a 'mocktail'. Most of the time it's a success. All the drinks I've made are different, but they usually follow this rough formula. 1. At least one type of citrus. 2. Simple syrup or agave 3. At least one herb or aromatic 4. (Optional) Club Soda or non alcoholic sparkling.

The most successful version in my opinion had lemon, agave, ginger and mint. I rarely measure out ingredients, but you can tinker with the proportions and find what works for you.

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The Food Lab: These Are My Knives

These are my knives. There are many like them, but these ones are mine. Now I may take my love of knives to the extreme—I collect them like stamps—but every chef I've ever met who's worth his or her salt is proud of their knives. These are a mix of the ones I use the most often, the ones that have the most sentimental value for me, and the ones that I think are just plain cool. More