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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Erin's Boerum/Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens

I've got some more additions.

1. Mile End: Delicious Montreal-style smoked meats.

2. Fast and Fresh Deli on Hoyt: The only good tacos I've had in this neighborhood.

3. Yemen Cuisine: Of the 3 Yemeni restaurants around Court and Atlantic, this one is the best. It looks pretty run down, but that shouldn't stop Serious Eaters.

4. Another plug for two8two burger: It's currently my favorite burger in the hood. If you like a little heat, their namesake, with roasted poblano chiles, is very tasty.

Riesling Report: Nein Lives Riesling 2010

I'm just catching up with this series. It's so great! I have a recommendation for the series and one for you.

Dr. Frank's Dry Riesling for the series, as it's delicious.
Dr. Frank's Late Harvest Riesling 2008 for you, because it is incredibly awesome but well outside the $20 cap.

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I love me a good oatmeal raisin cookie, and these are the best I've found so far: They're soft, deliciously sweet, and use butter-flavored shortening. How could that be bad?

Where to go for bookmarking recipes when Delicious closes?

Pinboard is great. They import bookmarks and tags and have a lot of feature parity with Delicious. It's also run independently and they charge money, which means it's more likely to exist tomorrow than a free service. And the guy (Maciej) who runs it is quite nice!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

I already love brussels sprouts, but the recipe here looks aweeeesommmmme.

Daily Slice: Maffei Pizza's Oft-Celebrated Grandma Slice Disappoints

I eat these pretty regularly and still enjoy them. I hear what you're saying, Adam. The bites that are not tomato-y are a step down. Do you have a good reference Grandma slice?

Our office has recently gotten into their neapolitan slices. Those are worth checking out.

Costco Ground Beef? Hamburger Matty's Rooftop Cookout Made Me a Believer

@ALRUI Yep, it's for the smoke! The tradition started last year. When I light new coals, the smoke (obviously) gets in my eyes. Instead of squinting and waving my hands about, my wife suggested using her lab goggles. They totally work! I may look ridiculous, but my eyes are much happier.

Mac and Cheese Pizza: Ian's Pizza, Madison, Wisconsin

Wow, sounds like there have been a lot of pizza developments in Madison! I'll have to head back with an open mind.

Mac and Cheese Pizza: Ian's Pizza, Madison, Wisconsin

Ugh, I never liked Ian's when I was there. It had unusual combinations, but the pizza puritan side of me wouldn't tolerate it. I was always a big fan of Glass Nickel. It still has that west coast-y, puffy crust, but was pretty damn delicious. Of course, it's been over 5 years so I should really go back and taste it again to confirm my memories.

Has anyone received the Cook's Illustrated test recipes yet?

And I got a fish one yesterday, so it looks like not everyone is getting the same recipes. I guess patience is the key here. I'm guessing we'll all get our chance. :)