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  • Favorite foods: Ribeye, molcajete, boeuf bourguignon, pulled pork tacos, carnitas, braised short ribs, papardelle bolognese, etc. etc. etc.
  • Last bite on earth: Papardelle bolognese with pecorino fiore sardo.

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How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

@Stella Parks - Have you ever tried to make traditional caramel using toasted sugar?

Open Thread: What's Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie Texture?

My preference is somewhere between the bottom right and middle left coloring. I pull them out and let them cool as soon as the dough starts to crack.

Open Thread: What's Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie Texture?

I suppose I'm in the minority. I detest crispy chocolate chip cookies. I far prefer a chewy cookie with uniform texture throughout.

BostonAdam and I share the freezer preference. I almost never eat cookies right out of the oven, for the same reason I don't eat a boule right out of the oven; you miss the complexity of flavors and texture when it's too hot.

Culinary 'To Do' Lists

My list fluctuates. Some practical stuff, some technical stuff, and a bunch of wild hair type ideas.

First on my list is a cabinet style smoker that is lined with quarry tile, has a remote smoke box, a separate cabinet heating element/control, and zonal temperature control (averaged from several inputs). I'd also like to run it off of raspberry pi so that I can control it from the internet.

Charcuterie fridge a la Matt Wright.

Legit ginger soda akin to Maine Root Brew. I want it to put hair on my chest and light my nose hairs on fire. I've come close to achieving this, but it walks the line between hellfire and tasting like soap (closer to hellfire, though). Not ideal.

Undercabinet mounted keg fridge for whatever force carbonated homebrew soda strikes my fancy. I recently made pho, tamarind/ponzu, pickled ginger/lychee, pomelo/lemongrass and palm sugar/thai chili sodas. Rosemary/meyer lemon and orange/black pepper are recent too. I don't drink alcohol, and I get *so* sick of regular sodas. Especially after seeing so many cool cocktails.

Phoenix: Charred Chile-Topped Burgers at Gallo Blanco

I was taken there for an interview dinner and tried the posole. It was legit.

Scooped: Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

The texture of this ice cream was uh-maze-ing. I tweaked the cookie recipe a bit, including using AP flour (didn't have cake flour at the cabin), and they turned out great too.

Stories of Food Magic

There are several things that will likely always remain dark arts to me.

Millefouille, pho, and a good baguette at home.

Pho vs. Ramen-Which would you choose?

What cruel world art thou dreaming up wherein one can only sup on a single noodle soup?

Blasphemer! Heretic!

FAST- Emergency Pizza Dough

Peter Reinhart's dough rivals most neopolitan style pizza around my neck of the woods. At room temp, it's ready to toss in about 1.5-2hrs. In your proofing box, it is likely to go even faster. I'll find a link tomorrow when in front of my computer.

I typically do it on a stone in a 500F+ oven and it works out nicely. I've also done or grilled and on a smoker, the stone is still my favorite. It's just sturdy enough to handle a decent topping load, and yet still thin enough to be in the quasi-neopolitan camp.

The recipe scales up well, comes together quickly and performs every time.

The Joy and Economics of Cooking Pizza At Home

"I do not think it means what you think it means."

^Kenji, FTW. His rantings and loose logic are indeed, inconceivable.

What is the most expensive/least used tool in your kitchen?

My food processor. It's a necessity when I'm cooking certain things, but it's a pain to get out and clean up after. I use it every month or two.

Individual Thread Opt Out

This would be a great feature. The best example of where I would use this is in the cook the book giveaways. I don't need to be constantly notified of everyone else trying to win.

Talk, on the other hand, or food lab posts, are often things that I'd like notifications about; rather than having to log in, look at my profile and click through (or search).

This is a pretty standard feature on most forums I visit (food, bikes, medicine, etc.)

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Dry-Aging Beef at Home

@Kenji - I also noticed the mobile site title. Just sent you a screenshot to your SE email.

Fantastic article! What do you think about putting the fan on the bottom so as to free up two racks?

Also, I wait with bated breath for a food lab charcuterie special a la Matt Wright's contraption. I know you've thought about it. I'm sure your fridge has an impressive selection of your own stuff too.

Good Entry Level Food Processor?

I echo what has been said. I bought my kitchenaid 12c from KitchenAid directly on ebay. It was a refurbished one, but got the best marks from ATK about two years ago. I entertained Cuisinart, but after some intense research, it looks like they've gone down hill in a big way over the last 10 years (really since they stopped using the robot coupe motors). I found a metric ton of complaints about them not honoring warranty, etc. I steered clear.

I did a quick search for you, and they are still selling them. Well worth the $130. I've never had a single problem and you get a kitchenaid warranty.

What's on your perfect antipasto plate?

Charcuterie and some funk cheese. +/- olives and veg for me.

What should we do/eat in San Diego?

+1 for Bluewater Seafood. Last time I was in SD, I ate there the first day, and it was so good I rode 1hr of public transit to get back.

El Indio also has legit carnitas (practically next door).

Homemade Goodies for Medical Office?

I'm graduating med school in about 2 months, and I've spent my fair share of time in clinic. I'll often make something to share just to take the edge off during a big clinic.

Nurses, doctors and MAs are *always* happier with good treats. Fruit is a thoughtful treat, but I'd take a sweet/savory/salty treat to a piece of fruit 10:1.

Trust me, I'm 7/8 of a doctor.

Have'a Corn Chips

My wife and our best friends all spent quite a bit of time in SoCal. They get week in the knees for Have'a chips. They were really excited for me to try them for the first time this last summer.

Honestly, I just don't get it.

Zagat's List of America's Best Burgers in 25 Cities

They came up with this list like people who plan out road construction where I live--in drunken conversations with their dogs.

Hires is definitely NOT the best burger in SLC. Crownburger easily beats it now that Eat-a-Burger is gone.

Meal Replacer Bars

I started a thread on homemade Lara-esque bars a while back. They are pretty awesome and do serve as a meal replacement.

I've been eating more probars lately though. The koka moka, pistachio and banana varieties are about as good as you could ask for. They are vegan if you care about that (I certainly don't) , and are definitely not a snack but a meal replacement (look at the nutrition).