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Lucky Seven Offers Commendable Burgers in West London

I think he's right because the chips/fries, cheese and bacon aren't included in the base price. Burger + bacon/cheese + chips is £11.20. That's a lot of money to pay for a burger that isn't cooked how you request it. Of course something could be over-peppered and whilst we're on it there is such a thing as too much bacon. Looks like a good burger though. Can't wait to see more London options.

Congratulations and Thanks, Serious Eaters

Taste Test: Walkers Potato Chips New American Cheeseburger Flavor

These remind me of crisps we used to have when we were kids called Quarterbacks - they were cheeseburger flavoured and cost 10p a pack. Memory doesn't serve me too well but they were delicious to the immature palate.

Video: Sushi Pizza at Edo Sushi in New York

Video: Bet's Fish Fry in Maine on VendrTV

Looks so so so awesome. VendrTV is awesome.

The Guardian's Tim Hayward Visits Franco Manca Pizza in Chiswick, London

Pizza in London is up-and-coming. It's a fallacy to suggest that there isn't awesome pizza to be had in our city. In the past two years Franco Manca, Pizza East and more recently Santa Maria Pizzeria have made great strides. There's no real 'London slice' to be had but just good Neapolitan pizza to be had right. Give it a few years and who knows?

On another point, It's also a fallacy that Indian food in NY isn't as good as London.

And another, London's ethnic enclaves haven't all been surrendered to the media.

The Ghetto Gourmet: Cookin' with Coolio

I got this for my birthday a few weeks ago. Chicken blunt wraps are awesome. Also got the Momofuku cookbook. Guess which one has more uses of the f-word?

The Cast Iron Secret to Perfect Pizza at Home?

The Secret Ingredient (Membrillo): Grilled Cheese with Serrano and Membrillo

Swap the Manchego for Ossau-Iraty and I'm happy.

Two Great Lunches in Wine Country: Oakville Grocery and Tacos Garcia

Man, why can't we get great tacos in London? I'm actually making ox cheek tacos right now (will be cooked for four hours in total).

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie In New York City

Another one who can't stand the slideshows. I want that cookie, though (haha).

Street Food Profiles: The Frying Scotsman in Portland, Oregon

^What irv said. Also any idea on what he fries with? Oil or beef dripping?

Sugar Rush: Olive Oil Loaf at La Colombe

Yum, you've made me crave this. Will make and blog about this soon.

Sugar Rush: Maialino's Torta Della Nonna

Oh dear god that looks really good.

Video: The Making of Domino's New Pizza Recipe

It was shot like a mockumentary. Maybe they should concentrate on comedy and forget about pizza?

Lunch for One: EN Japanese Brasserie

that tofu looks fantastic. next time i'm in NY i'm going here.

Q&A with Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate & Zucchini on 'I Know How to Cook'

Agreed with Burger365. It's still an awesome book, though.

Canelés, Another Dessert Inspired by Nuns

I love canelés. I don't particularly like the smaller ones, though. I wish I could afford the proper moulds.

Video: How to Make Kimchi on 'Nyam Nyam'

She's also in the No Reservations Vancouver episode. She's extremely cute.

Macaron Glacé = Ice Cream Sandwich with Macarons and Gelato

must. go. to. montreal.

Openings: Paulie Gee's, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Congrats from London, England. Hopefully next time I'm in NY you'll have opened successfully and started serving some of your beautiful pies.

Serious Heat: How Did You Become a Chilehead?

By developing a fondness of pickled jalapenos as a teen. I hardly ever had spicy food growing up but these days I eat and enjoy most levels of spice. I'm a big fan of the mixed scotch bonnet and habanero hot sauce from the Caribbean.

Snapshots from London: Good Eats At Borough Market

The Spanish deli is Brindisa (awesome chorizo sandwiches) but one of the best (British) things to eat is a sausage roll from The Ginger Pig butchers. I wouldn't go to the market for the fruit and veg (I don't personally think the prices are worth it) but there are some great things to try. I particularly love the Cool Chile co and Monmouth for coffee. There are also a few places to eat outside of the market that are worth a look too.

Favorite Bagel Fillings/Toppings?

Loadsa Breton butter and caramelised onions.

All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants: Great Deal, Or Bad Policy?

HeartofGlass got it right. The word buffet makes me wary of a restaurant. As do other things thanks to a certain Mr. Bourdain.

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Lucky Seven Offers Commendable Burgers in West London

In their words, Lucky Seven Diner is a "tiny neighbourhood East Coast American Diner" with a "cult following." Opened nearly a decade ago by local restaurateur Tom Conran, Lucky Seven attempts to recreate the "All-American Diner" feel in decor—they have a poster of Barack Obama to ramp up the Americana—and on the menu, but it's the hamburgers that prove ever popular, if slightly overpriced. More

The Meatwagon Serves Fantastic Burgers at a Great Price on the Streets of London

In an industrial estate in South-East London, Yianni Papoutsis is serving up fantastic burgers from The Meatwagon. The half-Greek, half-Irish, carpenter/caterer has a desire to improve London's slowly blossoming street food scene. He's knowledgeable about burgers, having traveled around the US of A on a search for brilliant food at low prices in curb-side locations, sampling some of America's best hamburgers en route. More

Zuppardi's Apizza, West Haven CT: The Best Clam Pizza I've Ever Had

When we just couldn't eat any more, I told one of the guys behind the counter that the clam pie was amazing because it appeared to be made from freshly shucked clams. His reply: "I hope it tastes like freshly shucked clams because that's exactly what was on the pizza. Why do you think it took so long for your clam pie? We shucked every one of the clams after you ordered your pizza." More

Popover that POP

I've been really frustrated with popover success over the years. So many little differences among recipes that haphazardly worked for me. If you made a flat popover and want them to explode with success...try this recipe!... More