How to Make Delicious Vegan Udon Broth

I agree...My secret weapon is using only one or two dried shitake mushrooms in the stock.... Not overwhelming but definitely adding umami :)

Duck Eggs!

We get our duck eggs at the farmer's market, here in New England!
Sometimes when me and Poppi go for a ride, we find a sign advertising duck eggs at a farm or other residence.

Correct way to chop an onion- another food myth?

In culinary school, my charcuterie chef instructer told our class that it was unneccesary for us to make the horizontal cut, while chopping an onion. The vertical cuts, of course were mandatory, but the natural layers of the onion would seperate, creating the chopped, or diced onion. The width of your vertical cuts would determine the size of your dice.
We all tried it in class, both ways, and our instructor was right,
there was no difference.
I see chefs on TV and in real life, making the two to three horizontal cuts in the onion, then making the vertical cuts, then chopping the onion. Is the horizontal cut uneccesary movement?
I didn't do the horizontal cut on an onion while dicing an onion at a resturaunt I was trying out for, and the Chef didn't hire me because she felt I didn't know how to chop an onion...
Any feed back?

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