The Long Search for Pizza in South Florida

Thanks guys, I've tried Steve (too sweet), I like Archies margherita (however, it's not that Italian family own restaurant pizza). I want pizza whose cheese makes sort of a chewy sound when you bite into it. I haven't been to NY in 8 years, and every now I start thinking about the pizza and can almost taste it.

The Long Search for Pizza in South Florida

I've been looking for really good pizza in South Florida. I use to visit NY every year and my neighbor was Italian (she owned a pizza parlor and served the best pizza). I'm looking for pizza with a very thin crust, seriously chewy cheese that when you take a bite you get this long string of cheese from your mouth to the slice. Don't even suggest Miami's Best, I think they should be sued for claiming such an outrageous thing. Their pizza is terrible. Anyone knows a place with good pizza?

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