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The Food Lab Answers All of Your Thanksgiving Questions, 2013 Edition


First thanks for taking the time to answer and thanks for the congrats! And obviously wouldn't put you on the hook for any food safety issues, just curious if my read of the science was indeed sound that it should be just as safe.

Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

My wife is pregnant with our first child. I don't want to over cook our breast meat obviously; but some books / sites are recommending taking poultry to 180 to serve to pregnant women. Do you know of any science that suggests this meat would be any safer? From my read on your food safety stuff I'd say no and take it to 150. Any thoughts?

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i know it's probably the number one answer but ordering from a big chain instead of making it, to make it even worse it was always little caesars - I was like dad that stuff is like a grocery store frozen pie, get me real pizza!

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Finish it with a nice salt, an ice cold IPA, roasted corn, garlic cheddar smashed potatoes.