I am the creator of Family Fresh Cooking blog. My goal is to create healthy whole food recipes that are beautiful and delicious.

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  • Location: The OC and Telluride
  • Favorite foods: Grilled Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Berries, Baked Goodies - prepared my way
  • Last bite on earth: Layer cake and lots of it. My favorites are Carrot Cake and Hummingbird cake. The richer and denser the better. Gotta have loads of toasted nuts, cinnamon and cream cheese frosting.

The Barista: Your Other Bartender

I all ready had a true appreciation for the barista, but now I have even more. You have well stated the role, job and passion of someone truly dedicated to my favorite beverage. I have a huge appreciation for a great espresso, it can be hard to find but blissful when I do. Anyone that finds passion in a niche such as the coffee bean is a genius in my book!

What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Cappuccino?

What a beautiful post! I am not a fan of sea foam, but sadly that is what I end up with 99% of the time. I would much prefer to sip out of a porcelain mug in some artisan cafe or of course, Europe. For now I will just pretend!

Mayan Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

This makes me crave!!!!

What is your favorite way to prepare Grilled Cheese?

Gosh, I love grilled cheese. I tend to go easy on the ingredients & keep it a light mini meal. As a kid I would have 2 slices of thick whole grain bread with a few pieces of cheese all fried up in a pan with loads of butter.
These days those calories don't burn off as easily so I go with 2 small pieces of sprouted grain bread & 1 piece of cheese all heated & toasted in the toaster oven. My take on Fast Food! What is your favorite way to prepare Grilled Cheese?

Sip it or chew it?

Would you rather drink your calories or chew on whole foods? I like clean, healthy (serious!) eats, way more satisfying! With all the buzz about soda drinking, obesity and empty calories I am wondering why folks choose these beverages.