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Pizza in Manila: Cibo

midnightowl remember that only Rockwell has the far as I know...........

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

To all Manila pizza is the second review on Cibo pizza:

Can't wait to start hearing your feedback on this great pizza......but as far as I know only available at the Rockwell branch.

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

jhermano: Bravo's is good, very thin crust and good sauce, decent cheese......but they use local flour instead of italian 00 which definitely puts it down a notch. I eat at the one on Dela Costa in Salcedo near my office. As for Hayahay, I am good friends with the owners of Lab-As, in fact 2 weeks ago we had a big surf and turf dinner, I brought the beef from manila and they supplied the lobster from Bais. I live in California/Manila so eating pizza at Hayahay is not necessarily on my list of things to do....although i have had it in the past when i was really hard up! By the way, the pizza at Grappa's is not bad, but also uses local flour.

The Future of the Jewish Deli

CapeCodBob: Rolled beef is still available at Sarge's, the only place i beleive you can find it now. it is always fantastic

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

For io1984:
#38 Jupiter Street (one block east of Paseo de Roxas)
Bo. Bel-Air, Makati

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

For ana5678: sorry was in Dumaguete on vacation eating seafood for 2 weeks! back in Manila now and good to hear you are enjoying Nuccio's pastas. Make sure and try his homemade fresh spinach ravioli with tomato sauce, also his spaghetti carbonara with real pancetta. After next review more to come........

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

ana5678: Actually, his pastas are very authentic Italiano style and quality. He offers house-made fresh egg/spinaci/seppia pastas and Italian dry pastas. he offers a wide variety of options including all the favorites. I have enjoyed every pasta i have had there. His sauces tend to be light and as a typical italiano he does not over dress the pasta with sauce, and this is what you may not have appreciated. But i am sure that as you try more pasta dishes you will see what i mean. There are more Manila pizza reviews to come over the months so stay tuned


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