5 lbs of chicken livers....make pate'???...or what??

Good points here!!!'re so right about the loss of quality in frozen pate'.....if I were so lucky as to get something edible BEFORE freezing .
Yes, there are real hazards to cutting the block...but I had not thought of's tempting.
What do you think about partial thawing, enough to "peel" off in @ 1-pound lots?....refreezing...hoping that there are enough crystals left to cut down on quality loss....and then, instead of sauted whole, use as chopped well...or pureed. Did you know there's a recipe for chicken liver,, (pureed) mushroom and, let's see...corn, I think ...SOUP......Now doesn't that just make us all salivate in anticipation!! :-))
Yep, this was a strange "gift"....a woodworker I know bartered some of his work for 25 pounds of c/livers...and was in sharing mode....He didn;t know what to do with them either!!...we have to choose our friends carefully!!
Thanks for all these suggestions.
btw, you're invited for the "feast"....might be able to work in some gizzards for the purists.....

Cook the Book: 'Sarabeth's Bakery'

Here I was, a Georgia gal, living in Pennsylvania in order to study voice and piano with a fantastic teacher.....but totally alone with no contacts other than teacher's relationship with a family of Byler's...yes, Amishers. The elder Lydia Byler had arthritis so bad that she needed a "helper" in her kitchen.....and this was mutually beneficial for her and me! Oh, how we baked....with all the lovely home-churned butter..... and fresh eggs straight from under the hens!! You do know about the "seven sweets", don't you??? She was a fine teacher and I am in her debt in many ways.

5 lbs of chicken livers....make pate'???...or what??

I have been "gifted" with 5 pounds of frozen chicken livers....frozen into one solid big block! In order to use ANY of these, the entire block will have to be thawed. I don't know enough people who eat chicken livers to throw a party....SO am thinking if I can make a pate' of the large amount, then I can freeze this into manageable amounts. What do you think?
I need a recipe for chicken liver pate'......can anyone help, please.
And most surely am open to any other suggestions about how to make use of these.
Is this a "gift"...or a curse???
Thx for helping :-))

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