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What to do with limoncello?

@ fatitalianbroad - Those sound delish!
@jscrow - Mmm pasta my favorite food.
@ Jerzee - I do have a head cold so maybe I should just drink it!

What to do with limoncello?

Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions!
@thehostess Uh oh! I could see myself making that connection.

Cook the Book: 'Rose's Heavenly Cakes'

A coconut cream cake that I made several years ago. It was amazing!

Cook the Book: The Grand Central Baking Book

A tiny bakery in Great Falls,Montana. My mom would get me a birthday cake there every year. I don't even remember the name of it anymore.

Cook the Book: 'The Best Soups in the World'

Chicken tortilla soup that I made several years ago!

Food-related lies/myths that adults tell kids?

My dad used to say "eat your carrots,they will keep you from going blind.Have you ever seen Bugs Bunny wearing glasses"!!!

Good Freezable Casseroles?

I made and froze these dishes for friends who lost a loved one recently.
Blazy's pepperoni lasagna
Mexican Breakfast Casserole
Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells with Arrabbiata Sauce(modified to wha
t I thought they would like). All recipes on
Other suggestions would be chicken pot pie,enchiladas,tamale pie,corn dog casserole, and of course homemade choc chip cookie dough. Food is love!

Central Market

Thank you for all the great ideas. I didn't get to read all this before I left,so I'm going to try all your suggestions next trip! We had a great time,we ate lunch there,did a little shopping and topped it all off with some amazing gelato. Thank again.

How has Serious Eats improved the quality of your life?

Serious Eats is exactly what I was looking for in so many ways. I can get great answers to any questions I have,great recipes,food news,tips on where to eat out when I travel. And everyone seems like real Foodies not Food Snobs. But most importantly Serious Eats makes me happy!

Be Honest: Are You a Snob?

@ Chiffonade. Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

Food Network losing its edge

Growing up I didn't really have anyone to help me learn to cook. I had so much to learn and Food Network was really helpful. I watched it nonstop for a couple years and downloaded tons of recipes off the website. I've since moved on and hardly ever watch anymore. Like other posters, it all seems the same, boring, and just not my thing. But that being said, I think FN really can be useful to beginner cooks. As far as those looking for some quality food entertainment,not so much.

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

Sorry I forgot to say that the cake I was talking about IS a chocolate cake with cinnamon caramel ganache in between the

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

I'm going to make a Cinnamon Caramel Ganache layer cake tomarrow. It is out of the Jan issue of Fine Cooking magazine. I havn't made it before,but it looks delish. It doesn't look complicated but like a lot of layer cakes it takes some time( I plan on making part of it tonight). If anyone made this cake recently I'd love to hear your reviews.

Dinner and a Show, Movie and Popcorn: What Else?

@cooksforone. I have routine for Target too. Before I start shopping I hit up the Starbucks in my Target and get myself something with lots of caffine and two cookies and two Horizon milks for my two toddlers. That usually gets us through the store quite smoothly!

Dinner and a Show, Movie and Popcorn: What Else?

Flathead Lake(Polson,MT) and fresh Flathead cherries. There's nothing else I can say that tops that twosome.

MIA: Do You Cook Differently When Others Are Out of Town?

Yes! I love collecting recipes,but I don't get to try many of them because my husband doesn't eat chicken or fish. So when he's out of town for work I try something new! His brother is the same way so my SIL and I will go eat somewhere where they would never go. He's out of town all next week so I better start on my grocery list.

Baking with Splenda

Thank you all again. I'm excited to try it all. I'm also looking forward to enjoying watching my friend eat all the treats I so lovingly make,without the guilt. I'll probably lose a few pounds in the process and what girl doesn't love that,LOL.

The Corn Man

I too wish I had a corn man(not going to happen, I live in the country in TX). Though when I lived in what used to be the country in AZ, there was a lady who made tamales once a month who would come by our house.The tamales were still warm,we would devour one dozen in minutes and the other dozen at dinner!So hungry now.

Baking with Splenda

Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to try the brown sugar blend in my favorite choc chip cookie recipe( I make them weekly). And I really want to make that fabulous looking jam cake on the home page. Hopefully it will turn out delish even with Splenda. If so I'll let you all know.


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