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The Best Chinese Bakery Sweets in Manhattan's Chinatown

@aqnyus Are you talking about sweet rice cakes? Any strictly fresh noodle shops would sell those. Definitely Kong Kee at 212 Grand St and Fong Inn Too at 46 Mott St. Some other noodle shops too. If it is hot outside, I would eat it quicker they go bad fast in hot weather.

Win Two Tickets to Choice Eats, March 25th

Dirt Candy, I haven't tried that type of vegeterian before.

Win Two VIP Tickets to the Vendy Awards, September 7th

Those northern chinese meats on a stick guys in Flushing and Halal Guys.

Where to Eat Chinese Food in New York City

Left out two excellent Cantonese places: Imperial Palace in Flushing and A-Wah in Chinatown. Means more for me.

Win Two Tickets to the Lucky Rice Cocktail Feast, May 2nd

Pocha32 watermelon soju, it comes in a carved out watermelon.


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