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Cook the Book: 'Rachel's Irish Family Food'

Eating cream cheese candy shaped like potatoes, with noticeable "eyes", while waiting for the corned beef to be done, at my friend's home. Her Dad was Jewish and Polish, but loved St. Paddy and the holiday, so always made the whole meal to celebrate.

Serious Entertaining: St. Patrick's Day

I really loved reading the history and science behind the corned beef recipe. I will add, though, that all the Irish people I know (i.e. whole family on both sides of the Atlantic) use a better cooking method, IMHO. Simmer the corned beef 2-3 hours, dependent on weight. Then wrap firmly/completely in foil, place on a cooking sheet, and bake one hour at 325 degrees. You'll end up with a firm, easy to slice, "concentrated" hunk of corned beef. Meanwhile, mound up potatoes, parsnips, and carrots in the cooking water, bring to a boil, and cook 12-20 minutes until just tender. Then place cabbage quarters on top of the root vegetables - out of the water, so it's steamed. Cook just until deep green, then remove. Not ALL Irish people like their cabbage overcooked. We always have soda bread and homemade applesauce on the side. Oh, and plenty of Irish butter. Lashings, a chroi!

American Classics: Doberge Cake

I think Doberge Cake has been around a lot longer than you think. It's mentioned in lots of British and European novels as a 6 layered cake beloved of schoolchildren as a treat for teatime or dessert. So Ms. Ledner may have invented the pairing of flavors, but not the cake!

Hungover in Austin? Go To Torchy's Tacos

Loved your tortilla sharks. Immediately thought, "Oh, yeah, THAT'S what they're called!"

What Are You Eating During Snow Weekend?

@pnuge: I hope if you have time this weekend, you will share just what the flack a flack really is. Because I'm waiting to flack my own Manhattans until I find out.

Meanwhile, earlier today we did a paper towel and toilet paper inventory (all set there), and am making beef stew with carrots, green peas, and parsnips to serve over mashed potatoes, and tomorrow, will make a pot of vegetarian minestrone.

Just because we only got 3 inches here in Wisconsin doesn't mean we can't panic, too.

Is it safe to cut mold off of cheese?

I can state categorically that is IS safer to cut mold off cheese than NOT to cut mold off cheese.

The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

Been making a variant of this for years, having grown up on Buddy's Detroit pizza - glad you'll be doing Detroit-style next - maybe I'll pick up some pointers. Mmm, nothing like a slightly oily crisp crust with good chew.

Where to Eat in D.C. Near the National Mall on Inauguration Day

Several of my favorite places on the list - looks great. Some of the links aren't working, though. Hope everyone has good walking shoes on, though,to get far enough away so that you can find a place without a 2 hour wait - the Metro and streets are gonna be jammed!

Share Your Sweets: Pineapple

Is it possible to get recipes? Like the look of that Hummingbird bread. Only ever had the cake.

Drinking Downton Abbey: The Drinks in Britain's Most Popular Drama

Loved the article and the history of straight booze v. cocktails. Really well written - hope to see more from you. Hey, maybe, next time, you can talk about the libations on "Call the Midwife" - lots of people drinking "meths" and abandoning their kids - now what was the heck was that, exactly?

Sunday Supper: Spiced Sour Cherry-Glazed Ham With Parsley Potatoes

This looks so, so good. Thanks for focusing on ham - the unappreciated alternative! Great Sunday supper idea.

Making good turkey burgers?

I may be overreacting, but when people start talking about "doubling over in pain", I really think they ought to seek health care instead of worrying about how to make a good turkey burger. Ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcers, extreme allergic reaction...gee, there's a whole world of problems that can be fixed so you can have that beef burger and spicy food you're craving. Or at least not be in pain.

You're Nuts!: Where does this expression come from?

Contrary to what @Oat_Mel wrote, the term "nuts" in re: crazed and unquantifiable behavior actually earned its appellation during the American Civil War. Lincoln was walking among the wounded after they'd arrived by train in Washington, D.C. The President talked briefly with the men, lauding their bravery and stoicism in the face of some appalling injuries. Lincoln said, "I know none of you regrets your contribution to freedom". One soldier, a naturalized Irishman in great pain, breathlessly, and in rather telegraphic fashion, responded to the President, "Yearn Utz", trying to express his desire to return to his new hometown of Hanover, PA, and try some of those newfangled potato chips he'd heard about. A local reporter overheard this exchange, and naturally, got it completely wrong. It was recorded for history thus.

Honest. I saw it in a movie.

frog eyed salad

I'm thinking "do-over". Cornstarch gives no second chances.

What'd ya get?

I worked a 48 over Xmas eve and day, so in recognition of my martyrdom, decided to treat myself to a few things - Divine chocolate with chopped hazelnuts, some See's candy, and new pasta bowls. I'm slowly replacing all my old pans with restaurant Vollrath, so got their 12 in. pan, too. I sure wish I had gotten an intruder-killer like @sadiepix, though - I really love multi-tasking kitchen tools. Am making a trip to St. Vinnie's today to drop off all the icky things people gave to me, like "instant amaretto cappucino" and "holiday peppermint kitchen hand wash".

Cookbooks - What version is best?

I always think I'm lucky if I get one - just one - useable recipe out of a cookbook. I read a lot of them, as well as looking at cooking sites. Matching your cooking style to an edition is a great idea. Which means I'm Betty Crocker, 1978 ed. 'Cause that's where I found my world beater buttermilk pancake recipe.

25 Great Sandwiches We Ate in 2012

These sandwiches looked mouthwatering. But like the famous New Yorker magazine map, it appears that except for the East and West Coasts, the rest of us don't really exist. I have to believe, since they were waaaay at the end of the list, you threw in the two Chicagoans just to try to strike some sort of balance. This year, make it your resolution, your mantra, your vow: We WILL believe the Midwest exists, we will, we will...
And Happy New Year to you SE Staff!

Taste Test: Dreyer's (and Edy's) Holiday Ice Cream Flavors

Just tried the lower fat Edy's version of Peppermint last night. Tasted OK under a blanket of Sander's Bittersweet fudge, but was definitely extra sticky when scooping out of the carton, and oddly, doesn't freeze as hard as regular fat types. Acceptable when trying to decrease saturated fats, but if it's a once a season treat, I'd recommend finding a better ice cream.

A Bottom Shelf Boilermaker for Black Friday

"Moderates don't march". Striking thought. Alliterative. Great slogan. Will use that on my picket sign. I mean, if I ever go to a march. Ermm, probably won't, though.....

What's on your thanksgiving menu?

@Malia76: I hope it was a peaceful meal, and you had a smile on your face, spooning in the pumpkin pie. Been there with the family stuff. Mid-Thanksgiving dinner, my MIL once asked me if I had just grown a mole on my face or was that some turkey gravy? Later at that same meal, she accidentally dropped a pan of hot rolls on my head and shoulders. As we were leaving, she took my tiny foil-wrapped single slice of turkey and said she'd forgotten - she needed that for lunch the next day. Man, you just gotta laugh! Happy Thanksgiving, Malia 76 and everyone else!

Thanksgiving Leftovers Grilled Cheese

This looks delicious, in a slightly over the top way. But I think I'll stick with my dull and traditional open face turkey sandwich with gravy, and leftover mashed potatoes or stuffing and cranberries on the side. It just tastes so damn good when you don't have to cook all day. I have to say, Thanksgiving recipes and ideas have been seriously :> great here this year; kudos to all, especially Kenji!

Ideas, Please - for Wednesday Dinner Before Thanksgiving

I'm hosting about 25 people the day before. We're having vegetarian alphabet soup, cauliflower cheddar soup and vegetarian tomato bisque, as well as French bread and butter. I'm making a salad with chopped kale, romaine and savoy, halved green grapes, candied pecan halves, and a very light homemade buttermilk dressing. Are you feeling the theme here? Decided we want to eat relatively light (we're going low on volumes, so people won't eat huge amounts), and save up for the 3,000 calorie meal on Thursday! (Oh, but we ARE having bittersweet chocolate chip cookies for dessert.)

Taste Test: Frozen Turkey Dinners

@redfish: I'm, I'm laughing. Although the pathos factor would be decreased, I think you should find a Boston Market and get some "fresh" turkey. Yeah, their sides come in big plastic bags they dump into serving pans, but you'll avoid finding yourself sobbing into the stuffing, while you sit in the light of the TV screen, spooning up frozen mashed potatoes. Plus, you'll get a chance to talk to another person on Thanksgiving, when you tell the 17 year old clerk, "No green beans". It's important to keep that human connection.


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