ideas for spring birthday lunch at work

I love you all! What great idears! I worked today so didn't see sdnyc & CatBoy's suggestions 'til after the grocery run, but those menus sound uber good so they'll be tried out for the next events.

Here's what we ended up with:

Risotto with asparagus, mushrooms & pancetta

Salad w/baby greens & fresh herbs topped w/avocado halves, shrimpers & homemade green goddessy type dressing

Baby shortcakes, with strawberries marinated in Grand Marnier & served with creme fraiche.

Merci et bisous a tous!

What do you slather on bread?

Celles sur Belle butter with salt crystals (the green label)
Olive/fig jam
Affinois cheese

canned garbanzos - liquid=jelly

Thanks again to all for sharing their advice and experience. It sounds as if it is a normal happening - it was just new to me.

Here's the follow up: made it, we ate it and all is well. Everyone enjoyed it and no one had any residual problems.

As a side note, tried something different with this one: added some canned green chiles during the puree process - the flavors complemented nicely.

Bon appetit!

canned garbanzos - liquid=jelly

Thanks to all for the input.

@McNormal, it's not the first time I've used them from a can, but I remembered them being in more of a broth-thickness liquid. If you believe the jelly is normal and okay (the color and smell don't seem off), I'll plan to use them. Your input is much appreciated.

no bake recipe from "another culture"

Well, hummus (as long as your beans aren't in funny jelly - see comment above) is easy, no-bake, it's from another culture, and you can employ several of the Girl Guides as helpers: someone to squeeze the lemon, someone to chop the garlic, someone to run the blender, etc. You can serve it with fresh pita bread (or pita chips) and olives.

There are lots of recipes for hummus - you can choose one that's more bland or more exotic depending on who you'll be serving.

Impromptu Taste Test: The Cult of Yakult

I was excited to find this in the local market, bought it, and then discovered it was made in Mexico. My concern is that there have been so many recalls recently on food products made in Mexico. Thoughts/input welcome. Thanks.

Video: The Ross Sisters Sing About Solid Potato Salad

Wow! That was "solid"! (Hadn't seen it before.)

"And they lived long and happy lives, and their children and grandchildren would eat much potato salad and be stars of Cirque du Soleil."

Served: Why Tipping Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

Well thought out, well written and, from the description of the interaction with your patrons, well handled. A poor tip for (perceived) poor service, without constructive feedback, does no one any good. Obviously, if there's a pattern, on the part of either the patron or the server, it's a different story.

Your ideas about why this is an uncomfortable subject are insightful and good food for thought (intended) for us all.

Custard-Filled Beignets

ideas for spring birthday lunch at work

Hi, all,

I've been asked to make a birthday luncheon for a co-worker. There will only be three of us at work that day. There's a fridge and a microwave available. I'd like the time spent fussing with the food once at work to be minimal.

Ideally, the menu would include "springy" foods. The only feedback I've had so far is that the birthday girl doesn't like fresh green beans. Someone else is making dessert.

Thanks for any/all suggestions:)

canned garbanzos - liquid=jelly

I want to make some hummus, but on opening (two!) cans of garbanzo beans, where I was expecting to find them in liquid, instead they are suspended in a jelly-like mass. It's so thick that it won't come out even turning the can upside down - had to spoon it out. Both cans have probably been in the pantry +/- a year. It doesn't smell odd but am unsure if it's okay to eat. Please advise.


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