If you read my favorite foods, you'll know all there is to know about me.

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  • Favorite foods: Ostrich steaks, Hook Cheddar (12 year), jalapeno poppers w/ cream cheese, truffle salt, figs, fried chicken, oatmeal raisin ice cream, chili-cheese burgers, cherry-pineapple Big Sticks, monkfish liver, matzo ball soup, peking duck, oysters, artichokes.
  • Last bite on earth: Oyster stew followed by beef Stroganoff, with full fat sour cream. Then shoot me dead. (oyster stew has 6 ingredients : oysters, butter, cream, whole milk, salt, pepper.)

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Ask a Bartender: Are There Any Flavored Spirits You Use?

Effen Black Cherry vodka is amazing. I add a shot to everything in the summertime... tonic water, seven-up, fresh lemonade, gingerale, grapefruit juice.

How To Make Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)

Last weekend I made grilled corn basted with an aji amarillo paste, butter, salt, lime, and a shot of mezcal. You fools don't even know what you're talking about.... MY corn was the best corn of all time. (*evil villian laughter as lightning flashes and thunder booms*)

6 Tongue-Searing Dishes in Los Angeles

The moment I saw that headline, I knew Guisado's had to be on it. It was too much for me, even their amazing Armando Palmero's (jamaica + limon) wouldn't stop the burn.

Market Scene: Yamashiro Farmers Market, Hollywood

It has replaced Campo de Fiori in Rome as my favorite market. I try not to go every week..... but I end up going almost every week.

Five West Coast Cheeses You Must Try

Tumalo Family Farm's Fenacho with fenugreek seeds is about a 100 times better than their classico. I'm a professional cheesemonger and it's the most unique, complex, and delicious cheese I've ever had. Except possibly 16 year Hook Cheddar and Gabriel Coullet Roquefort.

16 Carrot Recipes for Summer

How can you leave out Alice Waters carrot onion soup? One of the simplest and most delicious recipes I've ever prepared.

Food Ignorance Frustration

Loco_food_guy.... Emphasis on the loco.

Poll: Have You Found 'The One'? (Pizza, that is)

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint in LA is as tasty as any slice I've had in NYC, Chicago, or beyond. Their grandma slice has the right chew to the crust, the crispy bubbles, the brightness of the tomatoes delicately balanced with just a little hit of cheese, garlic sets the whole thing off..... That's my darling pizza love.

Top This: Syracuse-Style Hot Wing Pizza à la Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

I love Tomato Pie so much. We bought our house in Silver Lake just so we could be in their delivery range.... and I've seriously considered getting their logo tattoo'd on my nether regions.

Ask The Pastry Chef: What To Eat At Proof Bakery, Los Angeles

I go to Proof way too often. The morning buns are perfect.

Bouchon Bakery's TKO Cookies

F*ck. I want one now. I may need to leave work early and go home to bake.

Bouchon Bakery's TKO Cookies

F*ck. I want one now. I may need to leave work early and go home and bake.

Holiday Entertaining: Tips for Your Cheese Plate

Saint Angel is a beautiful, creamy, mild Brie. It's very social, not stinky or too salty at all. For those afraid of the funk (there's a few in almost every family), it's a perfect chunk to have out. And yes! You can eat the rind!

My other holiday favorite is Queso de Romero, a Spanish semi-firm goat's milk that's piquant and salty with fresh rosemary pressed into the outside. It's such a great party cheese, it tastes better as it sits out and goes well with meats, bread, crackers, fruit, roasts, nuts, red wine, white wine, champagne, cider.... Whatever will be served, it gets along really well with everyone.

I second the Roaring 40's but Saint Agur French creamy blue is also incredible. I want to smear it on everything when I have a piece in front of me!

Have You Tried Red Rock Cola?

Fentiman's Curiousity Cola is amazing. Complex and not too sweet. We buy it by the case at Galco's.

Drinks That Bring Back Memories: Kern's Horchata

Kern's Horchata is available all over Los Angeles. It's amazing with a shot of spiced rum.

As far as childhood drinks, I grew up near the Naked Juice plant in Glendora.... Green Machine takes me back to sneaking into the factory outlet store on my walk home from school and asking for a sample. I'd sip the tiny Dixie cup and my eyes would roll up, pondering the flavors so carefully and trying to convince them that I was a very important customer, and if satisfied by the sample, I would be purchasing truckloads of the stuff. I did this dance

10 Oregon Farmstead Cheeses You Should Try

I can't leave Oregon without picking up Tumalo Farms' Fenacho! It's a fantastic goat flecked with fenugreek seeds. It has a semi-firm yet creamy texture (like a young Gouda) with sort of a celery flavor and a caramel finish.

Can Flavored Vodkas Actually Taste Good?

Effen Black Cherry is really delicious, not a syrupy artificial headache like I was expecting. I've mixed it with homemade lemonade with great success.

Also, Chabay in Napa Valley makes unbelievable flavored vodkas. Their blood orange is now my favorite part of wine tasting. It mixes with everything, but especially wonderful on the rocks with a spritz of lemon and a little maraschino cherry.

Los Angeles: Mike & Anne's Makes a Fine Burger with a Coarse Grind

If you moved to that neighborhood, you wouldn't be terribly far from Pie N' Burger. Forget school districts, raise your kid on a burger and a slice of pie every Sunday morning and I'm sure they'll turn out awesome.

What Bottled Soda Do You Wish Existed?

Bundaberg is the answer to all your wishes... They're huge down under (hahahaha!). They have a fermented peach soda, a very lightly sweetened ginger beer, and the best pink grapefruit flavor I've ever had, as well as a guava flavor that was pretty solid. I brought them in to my gourmet shop and we just *stopped* selling Coke entirely. Btw, those of you who are looking for a Coca Cola alternative, Fentiman's Curiousity Cola is amazing. A little more herbaceous and gingery, it's totally worth seeking out.

11 Brownie Recipes We Love

The recipe you posted for Andronico's knock-off adult brownies is *killer*. Blows my mind and the minds of everyone within grabbing distance every time! Quite possibly my favorite recipe for anything, ever.

Comme Ça in LA Starting Burger Night This Tuesday

Amazing burger there.... Terribly uncomfortable seats. I've been wanting to take my fiancé there for months but he's not going to fit in their tiny plastic torture chambers