In NYC ~ 3 nights. What am I gonna eat?

To add: I'll be in East Village.

Sauce-Injected McNuggets

as I was reading this, all I could think was 'wow this is totally something I would do'.

now to find some clean syringes.

In NYC ~ 3 nights. What am I gonna eat?

So, I'm a NYC virgin pretty much and have a little time in the city, and want to get some of the experiences that I really can't get back home (SF).

What are the must-haves? I'll need one night of fine-dining, but the rest is all flexible. I'll often have a much better time at a local joint than I will at a hyped up place.

Some of the basics/must do so far:
Pizza - Lombardis
Sandwich - Katz
Late Night - Halal Cart

What else?

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