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Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 80: Remembering Our Serious Eater Beagle Brass

God bless Brass. Can't imagine Heaven being much of a place without our best friends joining us there. So, here's to hoping and praying you'll see your beloved pup again. He sounds like a wonderful dog and I know you and your family must be very sad. Best wishes at this time.

Cook the Book: 'Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes'

My 2 favorite burgers -

My Dad's grilled burgers - just good chuck, salt, & pepper on a hot grill - just delicious and . . .

the burgers at Kid Valley in Seattle - used to live there and still think about their yummy burgers - puts Five Guys to shame.

Now I make my own burgers but they have never been as good as my Dad's but I'm getting close.

The Secret Ingredient: Crème Fraîche

Wow - wonderfully written account . . . I was in the kitchen with you cringing as she stood with raised hand ready to strike . . . . Whew - now I'll look at your discussion of creme fraiche!

'My Life Is a Series of Liquids' from Matt Bites

Oh I am really bad . . . 80% diet Coke, 10% water, 10% other things (wine, fruit juices, milk).

Cook the Book: 'Rustic Fruit Desserts'

I have a tie:

My Dad's strawberry shortcake (with homemade shortcake) - haven't had it in years but I still remember it fondly from my childhood
tied with a yummy Montana favorite - Wild Huckleberry Pie!

Cook the Book: 'Serious Barbecue' by Adam Perry Lang

When my spouse and I were dating (back in the mid-1990s), we got a terrific opportunity to spend a beach week in Lewes, Delaware, at her boss' vacation house. Quite a bonus for the two of us who had no money and never could have afforded a week at the beach otherwise.

It was all good except, unbeknownst to her boss (and us), the stove/oven didn't work. Again . . . no money so it wasn't like we were going to eat out all the time. Voila! The grill saved the day . . . from burgers to grilled veggies to grilled pizza and even grilled french toast . . . . An exercise in creativity at a time when I was a very (VERY) inexperienced cook! Certainly my greatest accomplishment on the grill!

Brunch in DC - best options for outdoor eating?

Oops - apparently Cafe Paris (our nickname for Cafe Parisien Express) does have a website - Sorry.

Brunch in DC - best options for outdoor eating?

I've always really loved going to Cafe Parisien Express which is a little French bistro/cafe for brunch. If you suspend disbelief for a moment when you are there - you can really imagine that you are sitting in Paris at a little cafe.

It is a charming place to sit inside but they also have a few tables out front and (unless they have changed it) a few tables out back. The french bread is delicious and their quiches and omelettes are really good. The menu is terrific anytime of day.

It was originally owned by a wonderful couple - he is Greek and she is French. They recently sold it and it is still excellent. They don't have a website. They are located at 4520 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207 which is a really nice part of Arlington and not far from DC. I hope that you go and welcome to DC!

Help! Ideas for a Vegan/Vegetarian Bridal Shower Menu

WOW! Everybody's ideas are just terrific - really! I absolutely am going to draw my entire menu from the suggestions that everyone has given me! I'll have to do at least one Ina/Barefoot Contessa dish so the Orzo Salad suggestion from @missjess or Tomato Goat Cheese Tarts @MadelynRodriguez look great. With everyone's fantastic suggestions, I am going to have a really tough time narrowing my menu down but I know that whatever I choose of your suggestions my SIL will simply love it!

@savecara - my sister-in-law is vegan so no animal products of any kind - so no meat, eggs, cheese, dairy, etc.

So, I will make every menu item vegan but I will likely have a few duplicate menu items that also have some cheese to allow some variety for the guests.

Thanks again and I'll keep reading if anyone posts some new ideas!

Help! Ideas for a Vegan/Vegetarian Bridal Shower Menu

Thanks for the above suggestions - all of them are very helpful and I am going to use your suggestions. @JerzeeTomato - I really appreciate the warning but perhaps I was unclear in my original posting. Although many people complain about their sisters-in-laws (with good reason), my sister-in-law is really a wonderful young woman who I have known for years. It is I that asked her for her preferences because I want to make this day really special for her. You are kind, however, to be watching my back:-)


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