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Overused food descriptions.

@texas blues

Really? Where do you live that you think grass is the norm for cows these days?

I throw my vote in for 'scrumptious' and just about any description for desserts. They are by far the worst offenders: 'luscious' 'heavenly' 'melt-in-your-mouth'. Ugh

Lunch in the Loop: Native Foods Cafe

"I just prefer being a carnivore" *pushes up nerd classes* Ahem, sir, I believe the term you are looking for is "omnivore". Thank you.

All kidding aside, great review! It's making me hungry just looking at it!

The Food Lab: How to Roast a Whole Suckling Pig

Isn't there anyway to remove the eyes? I was thinking you could remove the whole head but missing out on the cheeks and ears is some sort of culinary blasphemy, I'm sure. Maybe they could pack the sockets with... gauze or something? I can handle everything else just not the eyes staring right into my soul.

In the Serious Eats-Gilt Taste Holiday Shop: La Quercia Tamworth Bacon

Bloody hell, 25$ for shipping? Is a golden unicorn going to deliver it directly to my doorstep?

Eating in Front of the Customers

Thanks for all the advice! :) I will definitely be trying the cut-up sandwich idea! I have to say, it is charming that some of you think we get breaks or wear gloves.

Eating in Front of the Customers

Yeah, we don't get breaks. It's a family run taco-shop that is packed all day, every day. I'm sure breaks are mandated by law but on a three-man crew I can't just duck back and leave them in the weeds.

In the Serious Eats-Gilt Taste Holiday Shop: La Quercia Tamworth Bacon

Wow, I was tempted enough to actually set up an account, give them my credit card info and apply the discount and... it doesn't show up. For a 'gourmet' website, their set-up is TERRIBLE.

Eating in Front of the Customers

Oh god, a misspelling in my header, I am mortified >.

Are you a keeper or a giver?

Whoa, a little late returning to the party on this one. I'm sure we're all over it now but just so everyone knows: my boyfriend and I have lived together for almost four years. We're getting engaged soon but I don't want to go around calling him fiancee until it happens (also, fiancee seems like a silly term to me anyways :D). I have no other name to denote his significance and I'm sorry that the term boyfriend caused so much confusion.

"Your lack of manners" email

Man, are there really people out there who think diabetes isn't serious? Maybe it's just my family but I always assumed everyone knew improper eating with diabetes could be life threatening.

Would You Eat Lab Engineered Meat?

Would I eat it? Yes. Am I going to regularly? No. Just like now, I'm going to save my money and spend it on real, quality meat.
My only fear would be that lab meat would become popular enough to shut down farms and drive up the cost. Or maybe, with large factories being unable to compete, it will give small, local farms the edge in the real meat market... I don't know, I'll have to see. If they can lab grow things like dinosaur, mammoth and, yes, human meat I will be first in line. For beef, I'll stick to locally grown prime rib, thanks.

The Nasty Bits: Deep-Frying Brains

@pot roast: I have no problem with brains but I think a lot of people can't get past the idea of biting into the control organ of the body. Knowing that this once housed the thoughts (such as they are) of a little critter might be creepy for some. I got over it when I tasted the delicious for the first time :)
Although, it could just be social conditioning for us to think of the brain as the control organ but that's another debate :D

Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

only tangentially related, but ya'll should look up the different Ayurvedic body types. I mention it because the type you are can dictate what foods you are attracted to and it's creepily true for my bf and I. He loathes pasta and could eat just salad, just plain spinach, every night. For me, I can eat salad once and a while but I just don't GET colds foods. He hates sweet potatoes and I can't get enough. We basically decided it was our body types dictating what foods we are attracted to and sadly, we are exact opposites. It makes dinner very tricky!

"Can It Core A Apple?"

I used to make a lot of apples pies and I will say that the corer saved time IMHO. Nowadays I hardly use it and it is a pain when it's not quite lined up right and you end up coring good apple.

So who's gonna subscribe to The Economist?

Huh, interesting. I have never gotten a single pop-up while visiting this site. Are ya'll using the latest version of Firefox? Not sure why I'm escaping the deluge :P

Video: Killing a Buffalo Humanely, Eating Bison Tartare After

Wow, that is amazing. It's really interesting how the bison don't really react to the death. When they lower the body into the back of the truck you really realize how enormous the bison is. My only gripe: all that blood on the ground! Can they use it somehow?

Dinner Party with a Vegetarian

I think Larikatz is essentially agreeing with you guys but my only gripe is cooking multiple dishes. It's five people, I'm not going to make two or three dishes for four of my friends. I dunno, maybe I'm just lazy. I feel like it's way easier to just make one main dish that fits everyones needs.

Food Trend you wish would fade away?

@Yogurt_muse: JUST about to say that :) I love bacon, don't get me wrong but it's been, what, 3 years since the bacon fad started? It's time to move on. It makes us true bacon lovers look bad.

Chunky or Smooth?

I like both for peanut butter. I usually have chunky in the house but stealing a spoon of smooth (especially Jif) feels decadent somehow. The more filling chunky stops me from eating the whole jar :D
I like my OJ like I like my insects. Not in my house or anywhere near me.

I can't believe I used to eat THAT!

Not really eating but: Coke. I used to drink a can every day! Just thinking about all that sugar makes me cringe. I was definitely addicted. Also, those pepperoni sticks, I think they're called pep sticks? I would squeeze the tips and this thick, orange goo would come out. It is a shameful secret, but I still love them. In a moment of weakness I'll buy some but it gives me heartburn. I'm sure there are others, just weird stuff I liked but those two are definitely the most unhealthy.

Honolulu eats! No sushi please!

Good lord, did someone up there seriously mention Zippy's? I second the KCC market, I go there every Saturday! If you're coming in on Sat though, you might not be able to get there.
If you're staying in Waikiki I would recommend Lulus. It's at the very end of the row but I like their food. If you want greasy burgers there's a really good burger place just up the block from there in the Queen Kapiolani hotel. If you have a car I could keep going. It really depends on where you're staying.

Onion Taste Without Onion?

We're trying that out now, different types and preparations. At first it was just a mild reaction to raw onions but it's getting worse and extending to cooked onions as well :( I hadn't thought of durian, that would be an... interesting substitute :)

Road Trip/Picnic foods

This probably seems obvious, but pre-sliced is your friend! It's great to bring fruit and all, but struggling at a roadside stop to cut up your pears is a pain! When we remember, it's always such a treat to just scarf fruit slices with no hassle on the road. I don't know how well that would hold up though.
We discovered this last year, heirloom tomato, avocado and sliced salami french bread sandwich. SO GOOD. It's our go-to travel sandwich but I'm not sure why because it's kind of messy! :D

Video: New Skittles Ad, Cute Cat and Weird Man Involved

Lord, I thought the age of commercial absurdism was over. SO glad I don't watch the TV. Good if you're 13, not so amusing otherwise.


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