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Cook the Book: 'The Essential New York Times Cookbook'

I tend to rotate through cookbooks. Currently, In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite by Melissa Clark is getting a lot of mileage in my kitchen.

I'm addicted to Peanut Butter! Anyone else a Food Addict?

@seriousb, are you kidding? *Only* a "a single jar of peanut butter"? I certainly have gone through phases when I liked to eat the same thing, but a whole jar of peanut butter every day? That's something like 3,000 calories worth of peanut butter.

@mn21485, are you eating anything else? I'd try taking a break from p-butter altogether.

Cucumber Overload

@Rozenjoze - Yes, I am in Maine! Thanks for the link to your cucumber discussion - I had missed it.

@VerySmallAnna - Good suggestion! I actually just made some cucumber-melon juice. mmm

Thanks for the other great suggestions. After reading the gazpacho recommendations, I found a recipe for a cold cucumber-yogurt soup that I will try out tonight.

I work from home, so no co-workers to pass them off to, but I may be knocking on some neighbors doors this afternoon.

Saturday or Sunday lunch in Portland Maine

I'd recommend (in addition to the Sapporo, Flatbread and Green Elephant recs above) el Rayo Taqueria on York Street. So, so good. Norm's East End Grill is good for barbecue. And Local 188 on Congress St is another favorite.

Leftover mashed potato ideas?

Wow, so many great suggestions! Now they're two-day-old leftover potatoes, but I think I'll try the mashed potato quesadillas tonight since it is Cinco de Mayo. We'll probably have enough for something else too...pasteló many good ideas. Thanks!

The Best Bagels in Maine? They're at 158 Pickett Street Cafe

@jbuttitta~ there's no way Bagel Central even compares. their bagels are too soft and sweet...

How to cook a steak.

Thanks for the advice...definitely wouldn't have known to let it rest at room temp first. (Also, I looked again, and it's probably a little over an inch thick. I do believe it's grass fed.)

Spring Parsnip Recipes, Please

Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone! Deciding between a parsnip-and-apple soup or one of the mashes/purees above to try first.

@cajunnan- I never would have thought to make a parsnip cake, sounds amazing!

Quinoa for Passover

I tried this recipe from Food52 for quinoa and kale pilaf recently: link

Dinner theme: Childhood Classics for Grown Ups!?

Going with the milk and cookies idea...
homemade Oreos ( or homemade fig newtons ( - so good!


homemade Hostess cake (

*you'll have to copy and paste the links - sorry!*

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

typo above: desserts should be deserts. so glad desserts aren't going to be banned!

Le Creuset: Which to get- round or oval, 5 qt or higher?

I have a round 5.5 quart (Caribbean blue) one and it's the most used item in our kitchen. It's the perfect size for everyday cooking, I think. I wouldn't go any smaller.

Haunting your cupboard: that fancy ingredient you only used once

Pomegranate molasses. I bought a bottle for a Muhammara recipe (yum), but haven't used it since. Any ideas?

(Also, smoked paprika is one of my favorite spices. So good on roasted tomatoes, in lentil soup and in tomato-y fish stew.)

DVD Giveaway: Food, Inc.

My husband and I frequent our local farmer's market in the summer and fall, and we also try to can/freeze and grow at least some of our own food, with the small amount of land and space that we have to work with. We also only eat meats produced locally (which really cuts down our meat consumption), and buy eggs from a local farmer.

Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

I think if you were really crazy about this person, his food habits wouldn't bother you as much. And, vice-versa, he would make an attempt to be more adventurous.

My husband was a picky eater when we first started dating. Over time, he's broadened his horizons food-wise, and I save the things he really won't eat to savor when I'm having a meal without him. A good compromise, I think.

Kiss the Cook!! What's for dinner Thursday Oct. 29th?

spinach quiche (smitten kitchen recipe) with a side of roasted delicata squash, and a few squares of sea salted chocolate for dessert.

Serious Chocolate: Rice Krispie Spider Treats

hmm, I don't think the recipe matches the photo here. Cute though...

Chris Kimball's NY Times Editorial

@HeartofGlass, I think you're missing the point. It's not that blogs are "bad" or "vile", it's that there is such a glut of mediocre blogs out there that its completely uninspiring. I don't think it's "anti-blog snobbery". There are some great food blogs, but just because someone can write a food blog doesn't make them an expert on food and cooking. And yes, there are many bad cookbooks out there, but it's much easier to write a blog than a cookbook, which makes so so blogs even more prevalent.

Chris Kimball's NY Times Editorial

Honestly, I think Chris Kimball makes some good points. Sorry folks. The internet is swimming with food bloggers making the same recipes (not even their own recipes, for the most part) over and over and over again. Aside from a few standouts, most of these blogs are mediocre at best. Anyone can start a blog, a fact that is painfully obvious if you take a look at most food blogs out there. I think experience and expertise should be valued.

Also, gossiping "about what Kimball is like in real life" is just obnoxious.

Potluck Help: Traveling with and Reheating Food?

Thanks for the great (and reasonable) advice everyone. I think I'll reheat in the microwave when I arrive to play it safe.

(Also, thanks to the SE folks who fixed my spelling error and reformatted my question before posting it. You people rock!)

Caramels without corn syrup. Possible?

@SqueezeBottle, I avoid corn syrup for several reasons, personal and political. But, I'd prefer to stick to talking about caramel recipes here.

Caramels without corn syrup. Possible?

Thanks everyone! These are great ideas - I knew SE folks could help out with this one. The Chez Pim recipe looks especially delicious.


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