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What's the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor You've Ever Tried?

These just sound weird but they didn't taste weird. Squid ink soft serve and soy sauce soft serve, both in Japan. Squid ink doesn't really taste like anything - tasted like vanilla but makes your mouth all black!

Soy sauce ice cream is DELICIOUS.....

Creamy Persimmon Sorbet

Why isn't this in my stomach already?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

My favorite parts of this slideshow: animated gif Ed and Kenji's Sandwich Dream. Of course Robyn would order something called MiMaMuff.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

um.. I need to point out the best thing in this slideshow. Malcolm's shoes.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I kind of wish there was a guitar sitting in the corner of Ben's apartment somewhere, to go along with the guitars in Nick and Robyn's apartments. :D

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Leandra's "OMG" face + sleepy wontons + Sexoius Eats + Erin's bday = I like this slideshow. I'm really enjoying all the roboppy doodles - please keep them coming!!

Yunnan Kitchen: Lighter, Brighter Regional Chinese Comes To Manhattan

Those fried potato balls look very similar to a dish I had at a restaurant called Golden Peacock in Beijing, which specializes in Dai cuisine. A quick lookup reveals that the Dai minority lived in the Yunnan province so this makes sense. I'm really excited to see this regional cuisine make an appearance in NYC! When a true Dai restaurant opens up, I will be the first at the door...

The Scoop: On Friendly's Cone Head Sundae, My Childhood Favorite

Oooh, I loved Friendly's, too! But I never had that sundae - I don't even remember that! It was all about the clam chowder. I think when we ordered it to go they would put it in a styrofoam cup, like the ones they give you for soda.

Market Scene: Saturday at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco

PLUOTS!! Boy I'm glad I'm heading back there in August!

Recommendations for Serious Eats in Turkey

Here are a few of my favorites eats from Turkey - just thinking about them make me want to go back pronto!

(These are all near or on Istiklal Street)
Turkish pizza, aka pide, from Simsek Pide Salonu.

Profiteroles from Inci Pastanesi. (I'm not a huge profiterole fan in general but these were sooo tasty! Even if you don't like sweets, you should peek in just to look at the guys scooping plates)

If you want Turkish delight, this is the most famous place to get them. My sister and I were not huge fans of it, but this is also on Istiklal street so it's easy to stop in. Haci Bekir.

Home-style Turkish cooking from Mucver Cafe. This place is tucked away on a side street but it's worth the search. It's sort of cafeteria-style in that every day they prepare a certain set of dishes, and you go up to the counter and pick all the things you want to eat and they bring them to you. It was one of the cheapest and tastiest meals we ate, and the place is run by the sweetest family.

I second Tracie's recommendation of gozleme and simit. We could have eaten these all day.

We wanted to try a fish sandwich from Karakoy but didn't have time to make it out there. I can't say whether it's good or not but I'd want to check it out!

This other restaurant also came highly recommended but we did not make it out there - Ciya Sofrasi.

If you are interested in buying spices, I recommend this stall at the Spice Market - Ucuzcular Baharat - (stall 51 I think?). They have some really excellent spice blends. I recommend the Janissary spice and Ottoman spice blends. Max wrote about the Janissary blend here. The woman who works there studied in America so she speaks fluent English - her name is Bilge Kadioglu.

Have fun and happy eating!!

How Do You Pay the Bill at Restaurants?

I consider myself lucky to have only experienced this kind of situation once, when my $23 dinner turned into a $100 bill... Otherwise, if my friends and I are not sharing everything, we usually just pass the bill around, add up what we ordered and split the tax and tip evenly. We used this system once at a brunch with 7 people and remarkably we came in at 7 cents above the expected total with a 20% tip thrown in.

@smsingram - your comment reminded me of a time when I was meeting up with friends in Tokyo about 10 years ago - everyone was at different stages of their careers. When the bill arrived, I was surprised when my friend working at JPMorgan said he'd pay for over half the bill. Several people were still students and he wanted to minimize the damage for them. Some people might think this is condescending but I thought it was generous....

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

woH I did not recognize Kenji at first!! And yessss finally you replaced that sad tasting table in the kitchen!

Welcome Our New Editors!

Yay - congratulations everyone! What an awesome team :D

12 Brussels Sprout Dishes We Love in NYC

AHH... those sprouts at Ma Peche were amazing... couldn't stop thinking about them for days!

First Look: Talde, 'Top Chef' Dale Talde's New Brooklyn Restaurant

oh... i really want that wonton noodle soup with that runny egg...

Check Out Our Game Day Page!

@Texas Monkey - what browser are you using? It's viewable on our end...

Site Improvements: Faster Slideshows

@guycooking - We actually replaced the search engine with Google a few months ago so our search results should be much better. Have you tried it recently?

Top 10 Cake Posts of 2011

Oh yeah, I remember that.... that *was* a fun day....

Site Improvements: Faster Slideshows

@everyone - We've made changes now to open the slideshows in a new window so your browser history is maintained in the original window. You can find a button in the slideshow to close the window and return to the original window.

As for navigation through browser buttons, comments, and other issues, we are still investigating.

@jcruz - if you add "mobile" to the URL of the article (not the slideshow), you should see the mobile version of the article which includes the slideshow.

@Littauer - Which browser are you using that sends the slideshows into an endless loop?

ATTENTION all you beautiful foodie-type people: pumpkin muffins

I just made these last weekend for my boyfriend who loves all things pumpkin, and he scarfed them down. I followed this recipe and put the whole can of pumpkin in and the muffins were super moist. (The recipe was adapted from a Gourmet magazine recipe from 2006)