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Best lobster bisque in North Dallas?

hello molly;
the only churrascaria serving lobster bisque is Texas de Brazil, the other churrascrias in the metroplex have a much more modest and cheaper salad bar while still charging the same price

Best lobster bisque in North Dallas?

I havent tried Jaxx Cafe but i love the lobster bisque from Texas de Brazil and Pappas, they are just divine...

both are outstanding, you can feel the complexity of flavors, the brandy, the heat from the cayenne pepper and the sweetness of the lobster

however at Pappas you pay about $ 15 for a bowl of the lobster bisque!!! at Texas de Brazil you pay $ 40 but you can have as much lobster bisque as you want AND unlimited servings of filet mignon, rack of lamb, smoked salmon, picahna (a brazilian favorite beef cut) and much more from a gourmet salad bar... it seems expensive but it is really not when you consider all the great food you can have

i love Pappas and Texas de Brazil, they still take their time to make real food from scratch, but Texas de Brazil is definetely my favorite place


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