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Advice as a new blogger on the scene

Thanks for the great tips!

@pear - Yes I agree that I definitely need to go back and break out my instructions into one per line!

@nithya - I'm going to check out that link right now!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Vintage Recipe Redux

I've just started a series on my blog for 50s/60s recipe makeovers! It's a brand new blog and my recipe is in honor of the blog name. Please let me know what you think!

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Advice as a new blogger on the scene

Hello! I just started my food blog last month (hooray!). After spending lots of time debating style and theme and how to promote it, I decided to just hold my breath and start already!

I've put a few things in motion already, like adding my pic links to various sites and joining communities of food and blog lovers alike, and even have worked hard to get a hold on this HTML world (very proud of self).

What I am lacking is some advice from the fine bloggers and foodies alike on how it looks so far. I'm going to be adding theme articles and lots more content, but seeing as I don't have many foodie friends, I don't have anyone who can say more than "looks nice".

I would love any advice you can give me!

Peas Love Carrots

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