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Rabbit can be yummy. even parts you would never.......

I recently bought a pet rabbit for myself. I had no idea how much this little guy pooped. I was picking up about 16 ounces of rabbit poop everyday and became tired of throw in it out so I cane up with a great way to utilize it. I began using it in soups, which flavored it with a sort of nutty flavor. It is also good sprinkled on salad,, like backs, it adds a nice crunch and a little boldness. I now find myself using rabbit poop in many recipes and am always pleased with the results. I welcome you all to try a lil rabbit poo in your favorite recipes and post them here....... :)

My twist on a Cuban classic

My local supermarket had a sale on boneless pork loins this week and I wanted to try doing something with it. One of my favorite dishes is Ropa vieja, a Cuban braised flank steak, so I figured I would give... More