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Pantry Essentials: All About Ponzu Sauce

I keep ponzu on hand for dumplings like gyoza/potstickers.

Win Pop Chart Lab's Huge 'The Magnificent Multitude of Beer' Print

Cigar City in Tampa, FL. It's hard to name a favorite but their chocolate cherry almond biscotti I had at Hunhpu's Day was super delicious.

Open Thread: What Fall Dessert Are You Most Excited About?

Pumpkin bread. Seriously, how is pumpkin bread not on your list? It can be a breakfast food of course but so can several things on the list.

Ask The Food Lab: Do I Need To Sauté Vegetables When Starting a Stew?

Thanks. I've wondered about this before. If I was say, browning the onions, it's obvious why you need to do that first but I've always wondered about the recipes that say to just sweat the onions.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Late-Night Snacks

Cheese. Sometimes with a strip of leftover bacon crisped up in the microwave or a bit of smoked sausage.

Chain Reaction: Wild Wing Cafe

This makes me miss Wild Wings. I used to live in SC and had several locations to choose from but here in Tallahassee we are out of luck. I've never gotten a burger there but love the wings and buffalo chips.

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

I do love buffalo sauce and put my homemade hot sauce on half the food I eat so I may need to try this.

Improve Your Homebrewing With These 7 Weekend Projects

I've got a Belgian Quad boiling right now. I'm pitching it on a yeast cake from a Belgian Stout that I'm transferring to secondary. The Belgian Stout is delicious (I used a kit from Northern Brewer).

Also, today was my first time using my new mash tun, instead of just using a grain bag. (I do partial mash since I can only boil up to 4 gallons inside) Yay for mash tuns!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

It's hard to pick a favorite, but grilled cheese with bacon (and use bacon fat in place of butter on the bread) is pretty darn good.

British Bites: Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy

I've made these using apple cider in place of the broth and it is good. I use bratwursts because the only other fresh sausage I can find is Italian or the little breakfast links. Every year on Nov. 5th we have a psudo Bonfire Night party and eat bangers and mash and watch V for Vendetta.

Serious Reads: Suffering Succotash, by Stephanie V. W. Lucianovic

Most foods I didn't like as a kid I still don't like. Foods I never had as a kid, like okra, collard greens, and zucchini, I'll eat with no problem. My mom made me eat carrots about at about 50% of dinners growing up and I still don't like them. Cucumbers literally make me gag. I can only tolerate onions if they are cooked to death. Even onion rings/blossoms/straws I can't stand despite them smelling delicious. Mostly I can't stand raw veggies or anything with vinegar with the exception of hot pepper sauce. Some things I was scared of as a kid I've grown to appreciate but the most popular American veggies such as salad, carrots, peas, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and a few others I never grew to do more than choke them down, if I can even manage that. I can't stand most condiments. Fortunately I'm usually the one cooking so I can control the food.

I love spicy food, and always have. I like a lot of ethnic foods that I never had growing up. I love trying new foods (as long as they don't contain on offending vegetable or condiment). I love cooking and trying new recipes. It is hard though when certain foods are so popular and try as I might, I can't stand them.

What Beer Is Right For A Wedding?

I think a witbier or a saison would be great. Being light and slightly complex they seem a little more high class and better for a wedding than a relatively harsh IPA or stout. I could be biased though as they are a couple of my favorite styles. I've considered brewing a beer for my wedding whenever that time comes along.

Soda: Why I Love Sprecher Root Beer

I've been a long time fan of the Sprecher root beer. We have family in WI and tasted it years ago and fell in love. We often bootlegged it back home in our luggage back when they didn't think you were trying to blow up the plane if you had liquids. I was sad to see it do poorly in the SE tasting test since I love it so much. It's largely because of it's smoothness that I like it so much. I also really like their Puma Cola. It's got a nice cinnamon flavor to it and the smoothness that all their sodas have. Fortunately we are able to get it in FL now although it cost about twice as much as it does in the Milwaukee area.

Any lime sherbet punch lovers out there?

I love it. Publix has a "Exotic fruit" sherbet that I really like in that punch. Some people seem to think we need to move past such punches but I am always happy if I see that at a party.


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