Need a caterer for a party of 50 in NYC for $1000

Carmines or Tony's could work.

Holiday Party

All booked up for our date, any other ideas? These are all great recommendations and greatly appreciated!

Holiday Party

thanks for the suggestions, sidecar looks cool! In terms of atmosphere, somewhere warm and inviting and we're also going to be having an in-company band perform, so we need a large enough space. Last year we held this event at City Winery and it was perfect but I can't repeat the venue quite yet.

Holiday Party

Looking for a venue (restaurant, bar, hotel, other) for a company holiday party. We need a private room for about 50 people with open bar and awesome/delish food. We're open to anywhere in Manhattan but I'm looking for something unique. We had our last event at Hurricane Club so I need to step it up to match their amazing food selection!

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