I'm a student majoring in Nutrition. I love to cook, bake, play scrabble, do crosswords, swim, &spend time w/friends &family. I'm so glad I found this website--there are actually people who like to talk about food as much as me!

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  • Favorite foods: Too many: Carrots w/peanut butter, peas, apples, bananas, all-natural PB, cottage cheese, pizza, fresh cheese, grainy bread, anything w/ cinnamon, eggs, pumpkin anything, cappucinos, frozen yogurt...
  • Last bite on earth: Could I have everything I listed above? Maybe just the frozen yogurt!

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Beer nerds

Sam Adams, usually a seasonal. Does Dogfish Head count? Microbrewery, but fairly common, at least on the East coast.

Other than that? Why bother!

Looking for ideas for fava beans

You could make some falafal, along with some garbanzo beans--add fresh chopped parsley, onion, garlic, and spice and fry up the patties.

eating in florence

For gelato, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out Grom--it's near the duomo, kind of tucked on a back street if I remember correctly, but if you do a google search it should come up. I tried a lot of gelato in Florence, but that was my definite favorite! Also, south of the Arno is Pizzeria Dante--They had great pizza (but really, in Florence, what isn't!?) and my fiance and I got a "flatbread" appetizer, which was basically thin pizza crust, topped with a bit of olive oil and salt. So simple, so delicious.

Enjoy your time! I was there a couple years ago and I just can't wait to get back--mostly for the food!

Recap: Top Chef DC Finale, Part 1

But, gargupie--Ed still WON the challenge. Regardless of his immunity, he put out a great couple dishes and would have gone to the finale anyway. I thought it was an interesting twist to have immunity, as was the "group" challenge--though really, they still each made their own dishes and didn't even seem to collaborate on the overall menu--each just said, "this is what I'm going to make". Next week should be interesting. I'd love to see Ed--or Kevin--win. And Angelo, well, his skills seems to be there, but it's his odd emotional personality that I just can't quite get! We shall see what happens!

Coconut Butter

To add to my oatmeal:

I cook the oatmeal separately, put in bowl. Then, I'll either spoon out some coconut butter into a small dish and warm in the microwave for a few seconds (not long at all!) and then drizzle on top of the oatmeal. Or, if the coconut butter is hard at room temp (which, until it really warms up this summer, it will be hard...) I just "grate" some hard butter from the jar using a fork and drop the bits over my oatmeal. If the oatmeal is hot enough it will melt anyway--sometimes I do this with cold cereal too, in which case the pieces stay hard (more like coconut shards).

I love using oatmeal as a base and then adding other ingredients too--so, normally I will also add a combination of raisins, cinnamon, banana slices, flax, sometimes another nut butter, granola, pumpkin--really, whatever you like!

Hope this helps!

Coconut Butter

I LOVE IT!!! coconut butter though--I haven't tried coconut oil yet. I use coconut butter on oatmeal and even cereal. Sometimes I melt it, other times I just keep it at the solid room temp and scrape off bits from the top. I'm guessing you could add it to baked goods by subbing a bit of the fat (not all I'm guessing)--I am wanting to try it in banana bread! It's just delicious on it's own though, if you ask me!

Kid friendly restaurants in Philadelphia

For a meal, or just for wandering around definitely check out the Reading Terminal Market--there are a few restaurants and cafes, including an ice cream stop, bakeries, and other ethnic eats. SO neat and definitely worth a stop if you are in the city!

Does anyone here like Kombucha?

I LOVE IT! I've tried a few flavors, but any of the ones with ginger are my favorite! I had seen it around the internet on various food blogs and was curious to try it--definitely NOT what I was expecting, but once you REALIZE it is supposed to be kind of vinegary, it's easier to enjoy it (for me, at least!)

McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap, A Rant

How is this at all surprising?!?! It's MCDONALDS!!!

Serious Efforts: Gluten-Free Cookies

How about the famous peanut butter cookies with just peanut butter, sugar, and an egg (I usually add some vanilla and occasionally chocolate chips....). Do a google search, and a thousand and one recipes will come up!

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Peanut Butter & Co. Chocolate Hearts

Pure, simple, untouched--dark chocolate. No nuts, crunchies, or toffee!! (And please, 70% cocoa or more!)

Gadgets: Yogurt Maker by Waring Pro

I, too, own the Waring Pro yogurt maker and the first time I made the yogurt, I was struck by how different the taste of the "plain yogurt" was--much more tart than I was used to--not necessarily in a bad way, but it was just different. Anyway, as I used the yogurt maker more, I thought I would try out some Greek-style yogurt. I actually usually start with a yogurt base like Fage 2% or 0% (but I'm not sure this actually makes any difference) but then, after the yogurt churns away for however many hours, I place a cheesecloth over a strainer, and let all the whey drain off. Nutritionally, I'm fairly sure you just lose some carbs and calories and a bit of protein. But, the whey is also what gives the yogurt its tartness, so if you want something let tart, definitely give it a try!

Ideas for a celery

Even with peanut butter spread down the middle?!?!

Gift Guide: For the Chocolate Lover

I was born and raised on PSU Creamery Ice Cream (and I still enjoy it as a student at the University)!!!!! Gotta love Happy Valley and Penn State :)

What's for dinner? Nov. 26?

I'm an American but studying in England right now on a poor student's Thanksgiving for me this year, so I'm extremely jealous of all you Stateside who are currently filling your bellies with pumpkin-y, herb-y, Thanksgiving deliciousness. Happy eating, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tell me if this cake idea sounds good.

I say, anything with pumpkin is good. And anything with peanut butter is good. Ergo, combine the two and I think that would make for one killer dessert! Definitely some type of fluffy peanut butter filling, made with a bit of cream cheese and whipped cream, nothing too heavy. I like the idea of the white chocolate-maple ganache, but again, I would keep it more light then heavy (I'm thinking a traditional ganache would just be too much--maybe make it more of a thin glaze?). Sounds great though! I'd love a recipe post once you figure it out :)

The Persimmons Are Here

A few days ago I made this bread from Fat Free Vegan which turned out surprisingly well, though I did make some adjustments. It took a night of cooling in the refrigerator, but after sitting for those few hours, the next day they were GREAT and the persimmon flavor really came through for me

I made 12 muffins out of the recipes and adjusted it by using honey instead of agave, no raisins and upped the nuts to 1/2 cup, added 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of quick-cooking oats, and added cinnamon. I also took 4 medium-small persimmons and roughly cut the skin off and just mashed them a bit with a fork--this resulted in maintaining some chunks of fruit through the cooking, and enabled a bit more taste of the actual fruit. Try it out if you are looking for a good baking recipe for the fruit!

Favorite Fall Foods?

PUMPKIN!!!!! Anything.

Too bad I'm studying abroad in the UK right now and I have yet to find canned pumpkin ANYWHERE! I asked a worker at the local grocery store if they had any, and he looked at me like I was crazy.

I will not go the entire fall without some pumpkin bread though, so I think I will just have to break down and roast up a fresh pumpkin myself and make my own puree. More time consuming, yes...but oh, it'll be worth it!

Fall pesca-vegetarian main courses that reheat well?

I'm a recent vegetarian-convert, and as the weather is turning colder, I just made my first Chili of the season! It is such a satisfying and filling dish, and very versatile as well--I used kidney beans (light and dark), cannellini's, and chickpeas, and it is easy to chop up veggies and add them to the mix as well. Serve with some cornbread, top with a bit of cheese and it is the perfect fall vegetarian meal.

Mac and Cheese is always pleasing--depending on whether or not they do dairy, it is another recipe that is easy to adapt and vary depending on what you have on hand, and what flavors the family likes.

What are you eating this weekend?

In true game-day fashion, I made a batch of Chili for me and my boyfriend--divide in two, add beef to his, and simmer for a while until game time! 'Twas delicious (and I think the leftovers will be even better).

Weekend Cook and Tell: Pancakes

The BEST pancakes are so simple, yet come out so delicious (and, they are quite healthy too). Beat 2 egg whites until it starts getting a bit foamy, then add in 1/2 cup of quick cooking oats--it just doesn't work with the 'old fashioned' kind. mix that together, add some cinnamon, vanilla, a dash of milk (and sometimes I add a spoonful of cottage cheese for extra protein), wheat bran, ground flax, whatever really. I add 1/2 sliced banana the other day and it was delicious served with some peanut butter on the side. Fry 'em up like any pancake and bon appetit!

The wildest food you've ever tried and will never try again

Okay, so this isn't the wildest food, per se, but in my opinion the fact that it can even be called food is questionable. There will be some of you who hate me for saying this, but here goes--

SPAM!! My mom used to pan-fry it when I was a child, and I dreaded it every time. Eventually I was smart enough to hide it in the bottom of our pantry where she couldn't find it, and eventually she just gave up trying to serve it to me.

If 'wild' can mean crazy,unique, and slightly unpalatable compared to any other real food I would ever allow to touch my lips, than this is definitely a wild food. Bleh!

Do You Have a Favorite Greek Yogurt?

Fage is good, but Oikos is definitely my favorite! (Chobani is great too). But all PLAIN. None of those fruity add-ins.

HELP: Chocolate Cake challenge (Need Flourless Vegan recipe)

I know you said chocolate CAKE, but perhaps some type of chocolate mousse or pudding could work, too? Or, better yet, how bout a Chocolate Ice Cream Cake? Then, you could still put candles in it and present it in the same way as a regular cake.

For a summer birthday, it might just hit the spot. I don't have any recipes to recommend, but I'm sure there are a bounty of recipes and variations out there!


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