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Bake the Book: The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

Banana cream pie from Fat's in Sacramento.

What We're Eating: Lard Bread

We bought a loaf in Little Italy in 2003 and have thought of it often since. C'mon Kenji - food lab!

Dutch Crunch in NYC?

Maybe it's a norcal thing. I can get it in a few grocery stores in Sacramento. My favorite sandwich bread.

The Nasty Bits: How to Eat Bone Marrow

I can't imagine it better any other way than with crusty toasted bread and parsley salad...yum!

Hangover Helper: Rip City Romance Tater Tots from Timber's Doghouse PDX in Portland, OR

Yeah, I'm heading to Portland for a concert next month and may need to hit this stand up the next morning...

We Try Burgerville's Fresh Strawberry Milkshake

I moved away from Portland 11 years ago - and I still miss Burgerville. But in the plus column, I gained "Jimboys" tacos with the move.

Tom Douglas's Guide to Where to Eat in Seattle, WA

Love Tom Douglas and his suggestions. When I go to Seattle I absolutely have to go to Brooklyn and gorge on oysters. Ohhh mommy!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I was under the impression that salmon and trout are toxic to dogs. I'd never risk it. My neighbor almost lost her dog when he ate some trout.

Serious Entertaining: '90s Themed Dinner Party

I am totally going to have a 90's party! My friends and I would totally dig it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Signed, card carrying member of the Pearl Jam fan club since 1991.

Please Change The Fonts

I find that I don't spend nearly as much time on this site since the change - mainly because there is way too much regional stuff and not enough other content. I scan it daily but maybe spend five minutes or less a day here. It makes me sad as this used to be one of my favorite sites.

Condiment Collectors

True condiment junkies (like me) seem to favor mustard and hot sauce/salsa.

Back Button: Still Broken. Why? Anyone Home at SE's IT Dept?

I have the same set up and have been experiencing the same back button frustration.