I am extremely passionate about sustainable and organic food. I love to develop and try new recipes. I also love pairing food and wine together.

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  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Favorite foods: Italian food (I used to live in Florence), local foods and asian foods. Basically, as long as the people behind the food are passionate I will probably like the food.
  • Last bite on earth: TOUGH Call! Il latini in Florence I think.

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DC and Chicago Burgers

In Chicago, NAHA has a great burger!!!

I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend will not eat vegetables :(

I get your concern! You love your boyfriend and want him to be healthy and eating meat all the time is just terrible for you. I struggled, not as much as you it seems, with my now husband about making good food choices. Over the years it was a challenge to have him eat a more diverse diet, but now after 7 years he eats many vegetables and now is thoroughly enjoying tofu!

I am the main cook in the house and a culinary instructor for both children and adults. Usually, healthy eating habits stem from the upbringing and what was consumed/deemed healthy in the house growing up. Since you are dealing with an adult and want him to have a healthy balance with food there really does need to be a life change. Just because he doesn't like it he still NEEDS to eat vegetables and fruits.

You could try "hiding" them in soups, stews and the like. I hate the idea of smothering the vegetables with fat and artery clogging cheese and processed crap. If you make soup you could do an immersion blender to make it more of a puree.

When cooking vegetables really try to add flavor by using garlic, shallots, pine nuts, white wine, a dash of cream, oven roasting (LOVE oven roasted broccoli it tastes like popcorn!), using lemon AND don't over do them! If he likes Asian food use soy sauce, or if he likes Italian, roasting them or grilling the veg might help. How I always suggest parents to have their children eat veg allow/let them pick the vegetable for the dinner. Don't make it a chore or an "obligation" but say with the salmon would you like asparagus or broccoli?

I do wish you luck in having your boyfriend eat a more healthy and a balanced diet!

Have him watch food, inc. :-)

What to do for a birthday dinner in

It's funny because we are such foodies and love complex and elevated foods. But honestly his favorite--indulgent--foods are: hot sandwiches, fried chicken (his favorite is out of state) and chicken wings. I know, I know. Last year I did Thomas Keller's brined chicken and it honestly was not that great and then I also did philly cheese steaks. He looooved it but I don't want to do a repeat, necessarily. UGH!

Homemade sauces and wine selections

I love to cook and have been doing so successfully for 10 years. I used to live in Florence and have a keen palate and success with that flavor profile. I find that the highest quality ingredients (farm/pasture raised and farm to table type) make the best meals. What do you do for bolognese? I love my version of this and I love to discuss recipes with people. :-)

In need of a winter warm up

So I did not stick with simply veg. Sorry vegetarians. I made Jamie Oliver's lamb shepherd's pie. In my opinion this is the BEST (outside of Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland) that I have tasted. So if anyone wants a, unbelievable, hearty dinner this is a MUST!

No salt needed in pasta water, or most anything else

If you don't add salt during the cooking process the whole dish falls flat and the guests are adding probably more salt at the end to make the dish palatable. Add salt...Gray salt! You use less and it is incredibly flavorful. Using table salt does taste terrible so I always use kosher salt or gray salt. And you MUST salt the pasta water! USE SALT.

In need of tasty Vegetarian recipes!

@anysuchname the chili sounds interesting! I get the chocolate bc I have used it in my short rib ragu. What kind of meat substitute do you use? I live in CO and don't have everything available like they do in NY. I looked at the original and I found the marmite addition interesting! Thanks for the advice!

In need of tasty Vegetarian recipes!

@ecca31 looooove the idea for the cookies with the Bears logo! That might be on the agenda for tomorrow! Go Bears!!!!

Supper vs Dinner?

Thanks @hmw0029.

I am 29 and use the term dinner. I never really use the word supper at all. My 97 year old grandmother does, though.

Why don't American's coook

People in NY tend to work some of the longest hours in the country. So when you are off work at 9 cooking might not be on exactly on the mind.

Why don't American's coook

To answer a previous question I am from Chicago lived there for 29 years, I also lived in Florence and have recently moved to the Denver area. I grew up in a house that was mainly organic and that cooked almost every night, we also traveled extensively as a family.

I am a foodie, one that cooks ALL the time, one that thinks about food throughout the day, and I was trying to delve deeper into the minds of non-foodies through a chat thread of food lovers. I wanted to think outside the box, because to me it is obvious why the collective "we" cook, but I wanted opinions from foodies about their take on the culture of Americans who truly are not cooking.

Why don't American's coook

Ok I over reacted. Canned food is not bad at all. A lot of it is really good...canned beans (no salt) for example. So I take that off. Sorry for the offense of canned foods. It's a staple in a lot of people's diets and is great in donation centers as well. Sorry

Why don't American's coook

I agree with the space issue. I am more talking about people who have the time, which most people do (more difficult in NY), but don't make the time for it, especially those who have children. And also people who use a lot of canned things, (maybe except canned tomatoes) and pre-mixed, pre-chopped ingredients. And yes, that is "cooking" when you use a pan but where did the notion of leaning on fresh ingredients go? I think in some people's cases it has gone out the window. I am sure part of it is the rising cost of things...which in my opinion is criminal.

I am also not suggesting to grow your own wheat or churn your own butter (which actually isn't that bad).

Why don't American's coook

@MarvinDog, interesting point about the stock. I think there are great short cuts in the store and there are plenty of grocery stores out there with fantastic food that inspires and that is healthy. However, I think that many people are not really utilizing the fresh ingredients that are available in their everyday lives.

Why don't American's coook

I agree with many of you. I used to live in Chicago, which is a great foodie town, but it is no New York and now I live in Colorado which has some great food options. I was more focused on a different group of people who do not think about food as we do, because there are plenty of people who choose not to cook and do a lot of take out. I wanted a foodie opinion on this.

As a teacher for young children I have seen this dilemma all too often. Watching the children eat lunchables, or open a pre-made frozen PB and J sandwich. I think that something has been lost here.

Why don't American's coook

@holli. That does get them every time!

Why don't American's coook

Actually I have traveled a lot. I used to live in Europe and have been to every western European country, many eastern European countries, I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Why don't American's coook

Thanks avaryne! I didn't mean to offend I was just curious. Sorry for the phrasing just woke up and had that on my brain.

Why don't American's coook

OK, OK, I knew people would get upset. I am assuming that people on this website ARE cooking their a$$e$ off. I mean more of the majority of people who use frozen dinners all the time.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Resolute Menus

What an interesting idea. My resolution is to try to be the next generation of the frugal gourmet (without the inappropriateness of Jeff Smith). I live to cook and it is so easy to watch your paycheck go out of the wallet faster than it comes in when you are planning wonderful meals. I do believe less is more in cooking and simple, honest ingredients inspire me but I am not a great menu-planner-for-the-week kinda gal I am more what inspires me that morning person. I am trying to more foresight in my menu planning and stick with it. Oh, and also, drink a little less wine. :-(

I love cooking projects over the weekend. I usually do an Italian inspired/labor of love thing.

Gumbo this weekend is sounding good, though. We will see. I'd like to hear what you cook this weekend.

NOLA eats

I love it in NOLA, my husband and I went a year and a half ago and just loved it! I am an avid researcher for great restaurants and food experiences so here are my recommendations:

Louisiana Bistro--totally delish, and inexpensive 3 course 35 dollars and had alligator gumbo

Mothers--had the fried chicken, not the best Fried Chicken but decent. A little out of the way definitely have to cab it.

Couchon--our favorite. The cocktails and the gumbo were to die for. I LOVE gumbo and tried it at most places we ate and this was my favorite! I think they are closed Sunday's, not sure though.

August--something totally local, yummy and cutting edge. You cannot go wrong with this restaurant at all!

Do not eat at, I think it's called Gumbo House, it's yucky, generic, over-priced and a waste!

Enjoy a great American city! You should try to go and see the ante bellum homes they are really neat to see.

Starting a Food related Blog

How do I add recipe links? I used I want to have a section on the side of the page? thanks!

New Year - Healthy food?

hungrychristel that sounds JUST like my husband. :-)

Risotto - How do you cook your risotto?

This is like the Alton Brown method. Maybe because I am a traditionalist and a purist when it comes to preparing Italian food (I used to live in Florence), I prefer the age-old, tried and true method of preparing risotto. I find that the starches don't release as well as when you "babysit" the rice. I do find that carnaroli rice has a better texture than arborio. I also try to make my own stock for risotto, it gives it such a depth of flavor. When I toast the rice I do so without getting much color at all (I agree butter is the way to go).

Risotto can be a labor of love but so worth it.