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Seriously Asian: Jackfruit

I bought a whole, ripe, fresh jackfruit today from a Cambodian street market here in a Philadelphia park. I'd never even had jackfruit until the first time I visited this market a few weeks ago and sampled some--it's amazing. So I watched a few videos and figured out how to cut and clean it. I was planning to try to can some (since so often it's seen in cans--and my freezer has little room), but the woman I bought it from strongly suggested freezing instead of canning... any thoughts on that?

Leaf-Wrapped Salad Bites (Miang Kham) From 'Simple Thai Food'

I've made this quite a few times--with spinach leaves before I had access to "cha plu" or betel leaf (a variant of a pepper plant, I'm growing some myself). It is amazing--a single bite of explosive flavor. I cut everything into 1'4" cubes and even with mature ginger it's not overwhelming. Not with all the accompaniments. But in my version everything is cubed to the same size, including peanuts (maybe left whole) and lime....

Chinese pickled greens

I need Pickled Snow Cabbage--but I can't even identify it explicity on the web, let alone in the store where there are so many kinds of pickled vegetables. Actually, I would like to MAKE it, but I can't even figure out exactly what Snow Cabbage is. One recipe showed something that looked like what my local Asian store calls Taiwan cabbage. A google image search shows napa cabbage, bok choy, mustard greens... and once they get preserved there's no identifying them! Can anyone tell me what "snow cabbage" is so I can salt-preserve/pickle it? Thanks!

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