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Any suggestions for low calorie, healthy toppings for pizza?

Jbrach......I like Cook's Illustrated pizza dough recipe and also California Pizza Kitchen's cookbook recipe. Actually most pizza dough recipes are pretty much alike, but it is important to use "bread flour" instead of all purpose because of the gluten content.

Any suggestions for low calorie, healthy toppings for pizza?

Hungover Gourmet.....That sounds really delicious. Do you also add any cheese????

Are there any good neighborhood restaurants in Bergen County, NJ

I'm in the Paramus area......and yes, I know of Baumgart's in Englewood. I go to the one in Edgewater. They also have a restaurant in Ridgewood. I agree with you....I love their menu. Thanks!!!!

Storing cookie dough?

I always form the extra cookie dough into a log and freeze it after wrapping it tightly. Then I slice off pieces for just a few cookies that I want to bake at a time. It works great!!!! This way I'm not tempting myself to overeat the delicious homemade cookies.

Question of the Day: How did you get your first cooking-related burn?

When I was a little girl, I was making E-Z Pop Popcorn and got the burn of my life on my middle right finger. I still have the scar to show for it.


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