I love my kids,my hubby and cooking. I have 1 dogs a choco lab and 1 cat she is about 8 weeks old and looks like a grey cotton ball :) Also if you live near claremore,OK drop me a line!

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  • Location: I have lived in many places OK,IN,IL,FL,WI,MO,MD and DE
  • Favorite foods: any food is good food. I will try (almost) anything once.
  • Last bite on earth: Spicy shrimp and some flan yummmmmmmmmm!

I don't have a ___ in my kitchen and I don't want one.

I use my microwave to melt butter and as a giant paperweight! :)
@mollybeth get an onion chopper - one swift press and a whole onion is chopped!
I don't want anything because ummmm I must confess I have everything that is needed. Lettuce knife ummmm no onion goggles no but bread machine,mixer,tortilla press and anything you go WHO would but that I would! :)

Taking George Foreman's Deep-Frying Machine for a Spin

ok I confess- I bought this!! I am waiting for it to come in the mail and am super excited to see how it does as I love french fries but hate all the excess oil. i normally use a deep cast iron pot but i have been wanting to try this for months!

Sourdough Starter: Oh, Dear - Have I Killed Mongo?

For awesome pictures of how to do a starter go to king arthur flour they have great pictures. Yes feed it butt feel free to add a teaspoon of yeast if you don't feel it is getting sour on it's own and the yeast will help. here is the website on sourdough

OMG! They made a Bacon Man!

@ccbweb - I totally get what you mean for a while there it was like bacon was the forbidden delicious that was a salty and crunchy bite of naughtiness but then all the sudden everyone discovered the awesome and all the sudden boom it is everywhere from choco covered bacon to bacon candy bars to being used in cupcakes and it seems like it is highly saturated in everything but on the other hand ummm BACONNNNNNNN :) I personally don't add bacon to everything I make but I live reading those that are adventurous enough to do so. I thought the bacon man was kinda interesting in a gross way. Now excuse me i need a bacon sandwich!

Vegan Honey

I was dying at the concept of a vegan honey. It just sounded so...odd. I was thinking of poor barry getting mad we stole his honey and wanting it back. I love the Bee Movie. :)

Haagen-Dazs downsizing?

I have no probs with smaller pkgs as I like to save space but I hate when they change the amount in the pkg and don't tell you. Everybody is trying to save money and so it doesn't surprise but a premium brand can't expect to keep consumers if cheaper cost products are the same ingredients as the premium brand. I agree with perky that it is disheartening.

Why Discard Stock Vegetables?

I feed carrots to my dogs too but please note that onions are NOT ok for dogs and the garlic is fine as long as it is a small amount cooked no raw garlic for the dogs.

I use slightly less then my super fresh veggies too so it is more like yes I feel it isn't wasteful but a good use of older veggies.

What Would You Like to See More of on Menus?

oops I forgot to mention that one of the items is fried chicken!

What Would You Like to See More of on Menus?

There is a tiny restaurant in my town run by 2 sisters both are about 80 yrs old. They have 4 items on the menu and 3 sides total it is the whole menu! Every item you get taste like gramma made it in the kitchen on a winter day. I think they do it just for fun as it is NEVER busy but I think what a great idea, if only people knew about it!

What Time Is Brunch?

ok I think of it as 10 ish a combo lunch and breakfast. 10 -12 is what I always thought. I am often wrong so take it with a grain of salt. :)

Open Letter to Restaurants: It's 'Blue' Cheese, Not 'Bleu'

I care not how people pronounce things as most people do it wrong anyway. Not us (of course) :) If I pronounce it correctly I feel silly so I just do my best and attempt not to be offensive!

WTF? Leave Co. Alone, People

I trust you Mr Adam! I love the se sites and love that when I read slice I can pretend I am back on the east coast and not in a town where Pizza Hut is considered gourmet! (pity me,please)

Reddi-wip or Cool Whip: Way or No Way?

both- My MIL when in charge of bring dessert ( big box baked pie usually) she always brings cool whip. I generally make homemade ice cream instead but she is a cool whip fan. I like the aerosol can as it is easier but I wonder about it. I vote both and neither! I seem to be having a multiple personality problem today. :)

Beef Stroganoff Ingredients?

I use steak sliced thin any different type works fine for me, flour, stock,lots of fresh mushrooms and sour cream. Simple and easy but I do tend to double the sauce and mushrooms because I prefer the sauce and mushrooms to the actual meat.

Popcorn Poppers

I have both kinds - air popper and the one you crank. I prefer the air popper as i prefer buttered popcorn but hate to add more oil if I cooked with it. I do like the the crank kind except that you MUST watch it super careful as it will burn also you add oil to cook it. One nice thing about the crank kind is you can make flavored like kettle corn. yummmmmmm

Serious Eats Cited in Trader Joe's Lawsuit Against Gristedes New Trader John's

hole foods HA i almost squirted diet coke out my nose on that one heartofglass!!!!

Served: Waitress Fantasy

But does he tip well? :) I don't have the patience to be as nice as you! I would probably kick the chair out from under him and no job.

Who is Dorie Greenspan and why does she Dominate Tastespotting?

The Daring Bakers is another challenge baking group. You are given a recipe and must post/blog about it on the same day. Tuesdays with dorie is no longer accepting new members but still is. I am a daring baker and I love love it as it opens you to try something you might not try otherwise.

It's The End Of The World!

I think this is that will smith movie right? where all the people get some sickness and it is kinda scary but not oh dear god leave the lights on scary?
My BFF for my entire life says in that situation she will want to live next door as I can cook a lot of things out of basic staples and she can only order delivery, yes, we have discussed this! :)

Serious Efforts: A Buttermilk Brine for Fried Chicken?

I agree that there is NO need to boil buttermilk. If you feel you must have it in a marinade then put it in the buttermilk and let it sit however long you want. I prefer to dip in buttermilk and then dip in my flour mix and that is it. Perfectly fried,tangy and crispy. Just the way I like it :)

What goes with Fennel Salad for lunch party?

ohhhhh bacon wrapped scallops do sound goood. But expensive:( Thanks for the ideas everybody

Thick potato soup with bacon crumbles
fennel salad
flat bread I will use some herbs on it before baking so it will work with salad and salad
and I have a few diabetics in the group so I am still thinking of dessert. I like the idea of ice cream sandwiches from ag

Mother expects awesome when she comes over as she knows I love to cook so no premade food but I have a wonderful ice cream base that I can leave plain or dress up and it takes no time!

Ikea Groceries: Some Assembly Required

I wish I lived near an IKEA. I also don't have a trader joes !!

Serious Eaters Get Together?

oklahoma here,claremore to be exact- anyone else out there?

Food Network losing its edge

Bangieb you beat me to it!!! I was thinking what edge? I went to my mothers to assist as she recovers from getting a new hip and I was watching food network every day as I don't have it at home. Not only was it EXTREAMLY repetitive but very uninspired. I felt bad as I was thinking of getting cable to have fntv again but I have no desire for that now. I watched the holiday special where they all got together and it felt so awkward to me I did watch it several times as that was on a lot that week .

Quick - Whadya Have For Lunch Today?

Dutch baby ohhh how I love them!!!!

What goes with Fennel Salad for lunch party?

Well I kinda summed it up in the title didn't I. :) I am having lunch for a few people on Sat and am COMPLETLY brain dead on ideas. Fennel looked good at the store so I picked some up and am making a fennel salad with oranges and and orange fennel seed dressing. So what goes with that? Please help with ideas of any kind - dessert,main course,appetizers or any combo. Thanks everybody

McDee and The Mc rib

My sil adores mcribs. When they come back for the limited time she actually calls me on the phone in ecstasy! I HATE them with a passion, but I appreciate her joy.Do you like the Mcrib? In the post about the fish sandwich meg asked this and I thought it deserved a post.
Do you think part of the excitement is because it isn't a regular menu item?

I survived the week!!!!! Did you?

Well my last meal for 20 of my hubby's relatives has been served, cleaned up and discussed and now I am done! I am so pleased I survived as some have truly....charming foibles. I think all was a hit even thou one person looked at 14 different bottles of soda pop and said "Is this all you have?" and I smiled and said the corner market is open 24 hrs feel free to bring whatever you like. We had no alcohol. How did your week go? How long were the guests in town, all week or one day?

Measure the oven FIRST

I was much to smart for my own good and didn't measure as my oven has always held whatever I put in it including HUGE cookie pans. Today I bought a luscious new turkey pan and put the turkey in it and stuck it in the fridge to thaw and then thought to see if it fits. It doesn't! I learned my lessen to not assume I know what my oven holds. Do you guys have a turkey pan that fits? :) Are you ready for the eating day of champions?

Pecan tree question

I have a pecan tree in my backyard and I have TONS of green pecans on my patio and yard. Can you do anything with them?Will they ripen if I bring them in the house? How do I know they are ready to be pulled off the tree? So far all I know for sure is that they hurt like the devil when you step on them with bare feet!

Did you hear about agave syrup?

Here is a link too an article about the fact that agave is basically hfcs! I know we here at SE are lovers of agave to I thought I would bring this to your attention. Ok, now let's discuss options for other things to use. will you stop using it?

Help, extra green tomatoes!

I bought a bag of green tomatoes as i was craving to fry some but you had to buy 3 lbs. Well as you can imagine I have a bunch left and I am done frying them. What else can I do with them? Will they get red or just rot. they may seem like a dumb question but I have never bought green ones before. Any help is appreciated.

What is with all the Playboy ads?

Am I the only one who is surprised by the playboy ads? I am not a prude but it is surprising on a cooking site. I find it a little surprising when reading about a restaurant to see a half naked woman. Then again it worked for the pasta machine ad. :)

HELP- I made cookies as a gift I need to know if they look good

Hello all. My sister had major surgery and is recovering. Lots of people are making her dinners and I just wanted to make her something pretty. I made flower cookies in a sunny yellow pot with curling ribbon dirt. Please look at it and tell me what you think. I am going to visit her tomorrow and if you think it looks bad I won’t take it. I don’t have a flickr food so will you look at my website? It is just take a gander and tell me what you think. I appreciate your help as I don’t have a ton of self confidence when it comes to gifting food. My hubby said the cookies themselves are yummy so I am not to worried about the taste just the ascetics. Thanks, Amanda

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