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Documentary Movie is looking for food suggestions for movie

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Documentary Movie is looking for food suggestions for movie

I found this story about a short film company that is looking for food items, suggestions and even taste testers to be in a film about regional foods that are being lost.

I thought it was a really interesting idea. Their idea is that once the grocery store was full of regionally produced foods that reflected the culinary heritage of the region. The local grocery stocked foods and preserved the regional diet. The rise of the national grocery store chain has decreased region foods on the shelf and homogenized our diet. Sauerkraut juice, as well as the reason behind the product, and otherfoodstuffs are being lost as the last cans of these items disappear from store shelves.

In "Strange Things on the Grocery Shelf," the documentary movie company 10 Minute Films will discover the history behind regional food products and taste them to understand the why they are a part of our disappearing culinary history. They plan on eating some weird stuff and are looking for people to suggest, send or who are willing to be taste testers if you are in the area they are shooting the film.

I think this is a great idea. Learn more at: link text

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