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A Beginner's Guide to Italian Wine

Does anyone know where to get this wine - it is a great Italian Pinot Nero...?

2005 lechthaler trentino pinot nero

Ricky Bayless Recipe Help

Thanks all - and I mean Rick Bayless instead of "ricky" - whoops!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Truffle Lovers Pasta

My first experience with truffles involved a day I will never forgot. I was on a trip to Italy with my parents and sister. A year prior to this trip, my dad had met an Italian man while scuba diving in Bora Bora. My dad and this man stayed in touch and my dad promised to meet him and his wife in Italy when we took our trip. We arrived at a restaurant and met the couple (the wife speaking very little English). The language barrier was somewhat difficult but overall we could communicate. By the end of the night, there were only two words that we could not translate from Italian to English (one of which was “account”).
On to dinner….we decided to let them order the meal, deciding the couple would know what was best in this restaurant. A dish is placed before us and it looks boring…slices of crostini, perhaps rubbed with olive oil, and something on top of the crostini. It has an odd tan color to it. We ask the couple what it is but they cannot figure out the English word for it. My sister and I, being adventuresome, dig in anyway. Wow it was delicious. We decide we NEED to know what this dish is so we can duplicate back in the US. We take out the Italian-to-English dictionary – no translation. We ask the waiter – no translation. At this point, we order another serving of it because it is so amazing. Finally, we give up, enjoy the dish, and write down the word.
When we get back to the US, we finally figure out what the word means. Tartufi = truffles!!! Amazing.

Pickled Tomatoes by Jose Garces

Yea I was thinking water too but I wasn't sure if he meant to actually drop the tomatoes in oil....

Barramundi: where have you been all my life?

I had in Las Vegas at Mix last month and it is now my favorite fish ever! Check out