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I'm a foodie at heart, wine lover and amateur mixologist. I am the community manager @TrudeauKitchen, a kitchen and bar tools and gadgets located in Montreal, Canada. Such a perfect job for me!

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  • Location: Chicago/Montreal
  • Favorite foods: Chocolate, cupcakes, cake pops, creme brulĂ©e, dumplings, pastas, pad thai, sushis, fondue, raclette, cheese, etc.
  • Last bite on earth: Give me raw fish!

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Drink Straight Booze?

Why would you get a weird look? Yes maybe it's a little unusual, but hey, you are the one drinking the vodka, and paying for it!!!

Beer and Caviar?

Thanks for the update! Maybe the Guiness is too strong? It does have a strong aftertaste. High-end vodka is definitely a good choice.

Coconut water

Just to clarify, I don't want to drink coconut water because it's trendy, but because 1- I thought it would taste really good and 2- it's healthy. I don't drink juice or coke, I drink a lot of water, I thought it would be a fresh way to refuel after a workout. It's easy to put a bottle in my gym back. Steak is not ;)

Thank you! I bought quite a few bottles at Costco so I'll drink it anyway, and I'll try to find another brand that I like. Thanks!

Ever Made Anything "Healthier" That Was Actually Good?

I replace mayonnaise in dips, deviled eggs, sauces, tuna + chicken salad, sandwich, etc with greek yogurt. I think it's absolutely delicious! I love it!

How to counteract bitterness in Tea

Ah ah carmason, a splash of booze = just my type of tea!

I think you'll get use to the taste after a little while. Tea is excellent on its own, you don't need to add sugar or honey, or even booze lol. IMHO, that would counteract the health benefits.

Shorter brewing time, add more water and less tea until you get used to the taste, definitely lower your water temperature.

Are you new to tea? Maybe this is just not a good type of tea to start with. Good luck!

What to cook for dinner party for 15 in NY kitchen

Hey @ foodiebanker, let me know how you like the brie! Sometimes, I like to add dried cranberries to the pecan mix.

Good luck with that big dinner! Sounds fun! I am sure your guests will appreciate!

Coconut water

Drinking it straight from the coconut seems like a lot of work!!! I did not realized I would need a machette LOL. Ok, I'll stick to the bottle stuff!

I heard a lot of good things about Vita Coco, I think that's what Madonna drinks. I'll try to find it in my area!

Thank you so much for your advice! I don't know why I thought it would be so delicious!

I would love to know guilty food pleasures!!

Oh, I love this thread! I admit eating Nutella by the spoon once in a while, and sometimes maple syrup. But my guiltiest pleasure is fresh, hot, french baguette with butter on it. So good!

Most irritating restaurant policy peeves...

I hope you won't go there anymore! I bet there are tons of better restaurants in your area!

What kitchen gifts are you making for others?

Infused vodka is such a great idea!

I love giving cookies in a jar, fudge, or decadent chocolate chips. I like to give a good quality, homemade infused oil, in a pretty bottle as a hostess gift.

What to introduce to someone new to Oysters...

Oysters Rockefeller is definitely a good idea for newbie, for the first time. But, if your bf is open minded, and he likes the experience, next time have him taste fresh, raw, good quality oysters. He may not like it the first time, but I find that it usually takes a few sessions to really enjoy the fresh taste of oysters.

Good luck!

Are you a serial salt and pepper shaker?

That is an interesting thread! At the restaurant, I use very little salt, and a bit of fresh pepper. But at home it's different, as we all have different taste, I use very little salt and pepper to my cooking, so I tend to use a little bit more to my plate.

I absolutely do not feel that it's disrespectful to season my food the way I like it when I eat at someone else's house.

I only use freshly ground pepper and salt, and I never add it before I taste.

It's that time! Official New Years Resolutions...

Mostly, drink more water. And beat my cravings. That's pretty much it, and I hope I can stick to it!

Quick's Darth Vader Burger

I could never eat it! I am very opened minded, and I know it's just food coloring, but that's just not appealing to me!

Grainy cheddar & stout fondue - ideas?

I am personally a big fan of fondue, and I don't usually add flour. You have to keep the temperature to a minimum, so that you avoid boiling the cheese, especially if you are planning of eating for a long time.

What kind of fondue pot do you use? It's much easier to adjust the temperature with an electric fondue set.

Also, was there any alcohol in the recipe?

what to bake in poorly equiped hotel kichen

Do you have a bread dish, or lasagna dish? Banana bread is easy and delicious. You probably don't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen anyway!

Best Potlock Recipes?

Are you gonna have access to an oven or not? I usually bring dishes that does not required cooking, it's easier, and it leave all the space to those who need to use the oven.

Here are a few ideas: Deviled Eggs, artichoke (or spinach) dip, salsa and or guacamole, big salad, cheese, cupcakes (hey, you have to make sure someone brings dessert!), antipasto, macaroni salad, etc.

How do you save money at the grocery store? Coupons?

I usually buy enough laundry detergent when it's on sale until next time it's on sale. I'm usually pretty good at planning. I do the same with chicken breasts, ground beef, etc. and I freeze.

I do not mind going to 2-3 different stores to get what I need that is on sale. I also try to plan a weekly menu, based on what is on the weekly specials. For example, we eat tons of mushrooms when it's on sale, and then we get tired of it until next time.

My best advice would be to prepare pretty much everything from scratch. You can save a lot of money by making your own salad dressings, dipping sauce, conserves, marinades, etc. You can save tons of money, by using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

What to cook for dinner party for 15 in NY kitchen

I agree with the Beef Bourguignon recipe. It's delicious, and you are sure to impress your guests with it. You could even crock-pot it if your pot is big enough.

For that many people, I would serve a gravlax, or salmon Tartare Amuse Bouche. You could also serve cheese, or Pecan and Maple syrup Brie. It's really easy to prepare, just buy a big brie, put tons of chopped pecan on top of it, and pour maple syrup over it. Place in oven for 30 minutes at 350. Serve with fresh baguette and crackers.

Good luck!

Room temp butter - what type of storage?

No problem with using a plastic containers. Ceramic, or glass butter dishes are mostly used for decorative purposes. As long as you use a lid on your container, or plastic cling, you should be fine.

That being said, I am a big fan of butter bells. They are inexpensive, and mine, even though it's pretty basic (white ceramic), it is a real conversation started, and it looks great on the table!

Are you a serial cheese grater?

Oh yes, me too! I love good quality Parmesan cheese! I buy a lot of it, as I find, just like you that it enhances most dishes. I especially love it in salads, pasta, and soup.

I feel sad for people using Kraft Parmesan. It's just not the same. I bet they never tried real, freshly grated parmesan before. So sad!


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